Xiangmei food science degree there will be

Xiangmei Cui

Odabasi Kirli

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FOS 3042

Jan 10, 2018

Food Science

I am a Biology major student beginning my junior year. Based
on I have learned about food science so far, my major is really important to
this field. Before took this class, I thought Nutrition and Food Science are
same things, but they are not. Food Science studies the nature of foods and the
changes they go through under various conditions of several steps. It
concentrated on the cause of food deterioration and inventing processes to make
sure that the food we make is made in safe, maintainable way.

End up with food science degree there will be a ton of career
options is waiting for us; Food technologist, Nutritional therapist, and
Product/process development scientist etc. Even if I finished my degree in Biology,
I definitely interested in work with Food Scientist. Those two relationships
cannot be separated. Rachel Zemser (2013) stated that the “Any prototypes that
you will pass out to consumers must be made in a manufacturing facility or in
commercial, licensed, certified kitchen. They may also need to be
microbiologically tested for pathogens and spoilage microorganisms before being
distributed to the public” (P.14). We use Food science to aid in our food
selection, care and feeding, processing, and packaging. Although, without the
microbiological technique we could not import or export our food. Food Science
makes it possible for us to more efficiently provide the people around the
world access to food that is safe and pleasurable to consume.

Olmsted, who is a writer stated that “In detail, the rampant problems with fake
and counterfeit food sold in the U.S. covered quite a few different food items,
including beef, seafood, cheese, alcoholic drinks; even fruit juice” (P. 238).  This is rife with scams, including many foods found
as healthier choices, as well as milk, eggs, meat, and other “gourmet” items. Usually,
society views food science use of chemicals and toxins being put in the food to
make in unnatural, but it is totally wrong. Food scientists are only
doing in good purpose, not in bad. Without food science and biology, we could
not have the nutritional information provided on every food product in our
grocery store and restaurant. We would have to determine for ourselves if what
we eat is safe for our family.














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