Why type of people in stress and

Why do we procrastinate procrastination is postponing or delaying important work and do less important and insignificant work first. For example instead of important work we are doing like spending time on social media watch tv eating when you are not even hungry you tubing and other things that are not necessary. It means we all procrastinate. We convince our self that after 2 minutes you will do your work and it get postpone and postpone and you get lot other work with this undine work. The reasons for procrastination 1- stress and anxiety- there are some people you can work under work stress but there are some another type of people in stress and anxiety cannot concentrate on work. As a result they begin to do anything but work to distract themselves. 2- low self-esteem- the most common reason for procrastination is considered to be low self-esteem. Fear of not coping with the task a person falls into the state of procrastination postponing the frightening work as long as possible. as a result internal fears cause a lack of result and failure of the work. 3- hedonism- hedonism is the desire for momentary pleasures. hedonistic procrastinator pushes away from negative feelings and moves towards the things that give them pleasure like watching football social networks others. 4- lack of motivation- one of the major factors is lack of motivation. The monotonous and long-term work makes it depressing. The work which will give you results late you postpone it or you dont feel like doing it rather than you work that give you pleasure or immediate results. 5- excess of works- when you have lots of work and you cant decide what to do first makes you procrastinator. Under these circumstances you try to start one thing and then other thing and most of the things are undone. 6- perfectionism- procrastinator tries to do everything in the perfect way. He thinks that how much time it will take it should be perfect. 7- comparison- sometimes we think that my colleague cannot do that how can i do it. It makes you delay or avoid the tasks. 8- overestimation of time- you think that it is a 2-minute work i can do it anytime or i can do it after watching the show and you postpone it. 9- in search of inspiration- you are in search of inspiration which will allow you to quickly and effortlessly perform a task. you are in search of a good mood or a good time. and you waste the whole time and now you have to take out time from your other works to finish this work. 10- discomfort- sometimes you are uncomfortable psychologically or physically working at a place. To avoid discomfort you try to postpone your work.