Voice of Democracy Essay

My generation will play a large part in the future of America. As teenagers and children right now we will soon grow up to do many things that will keep our country moving forward and progressing in new technologies and finding new medicines. Our generation will be the ones that control the stock market prices in whether they rise or fall. We will soon be the people that are walking the sidewalks and crossing busy intersection in the big cities. We will be the people that are taking care of the sick and wounded and finding cures for sicknesses that were thought to be untreatable.

We are the next generation of loving mothers and fathers that will soon be the ones that are consoling or setting examples for the next generation that will take over after us. We will soon be the infrastructure that will keep cities running smoothly without problems. We will soon be the firefighters that are saving people from burning buildings or disaster. The generation will be the paramedics that are always there in any situation when you need them, like during football games when someone gets hurt, when there are survivors from natural disasters, during a time of any crisis. We will the part of America’s growing economy.

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We will be the police officers that will enforce the rules and keep everything in order. We will be the helping hand of others. We will be the shoulder to lean on when someone is down. Our generation will be the ones to hold and love you. Ever since we were kids w have thought we were just the students of America’s system. Now it is getting close to where we will be the ones controlling and running things everywhere. We will be the future for going to greener projects and helping save our society. We will be the ones to discover new technologies that will help save lives or make things easier for people.

The technologies will seem like wonders that no one would ever think to make thirty years before. We will be the military to protect America when she is in danger. We are the future protectors of this country and the people of this nation. We will stumble on to the answers that have been waiting to be solved for centuries. We will be the hard working middle and lower class of society that will work to the bone to give our families that extra thing that was not asked for, but purely out of the love a devotion we have for them. We will soon be the people that are making the laws not just enforcing them.

We will soon be presidents of this fine country. This country will be led by people of this generation. The future of America will be in our hands for awhile until the next generation comes in and takes our place. We are the farmers that will allow us to eat fruits and vegetables. We will be the cow ranchers that will provide everyone with meat. We will be the people that will keep our country advanced and in the best position possible. We will be the ones to solve economic downfalls and hardships when they come. We will be future doctors and nurses or whatever we want to be.

We will continue to build this country up and love it for what it’s worth. We will fight to defend it if any opposition tries to take it from us. We will be able to unite together as one if anything should happen to us or this country. We will try to preserve the important artifacts and pieces of history that have been collected over the years. We will be the base of the country we will keep this country going and we will protect it with everything we have. We are the future generation of America that will soon be the ones running everything in it.