Usability Engineering Dreamweaver Interface Computer Science Essay

Testing: In Usability Testing attack, representative users work on typical undertakings utilizing the system ( or the paradigm ) and the judges use the consequences to see how the user interface supports the users to make their undertakings.

Inspection: In Usability Inspection attack, usability specializers — and sometimes package developers, users and other professionals — analyze usability-related facets of a user interface.

Inquiry: Here, usability judges obtain information about users ‘ likes, disfavors, demands, and apprehension of the system by speaking to them, detecting them utilizing the system in existent work ( non for the intent of usability proving ) , or allowing them answer inquiries verbally or in written signifier.

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What is Dreamweaver

WYSIWYG ( What You See Is What You Get ) Web page editor

Writes codification for web pages

You select images, text, colourss

Dreamweaver writes implicit in codification

Code is called HTML

Dreamweaver is a good manner to larn HTML ( disconnected position between WYSIWYG and HTML )

Dreamweaver Interface

Very easy and user friendly interface.

Allows you to rapidly and expeditiously develop simple and complex web sites.

Easy to utilize panel ( elements can be dragged straight in to the papers )

Developers can work straight with the page ‘s codification, doing usage of the assorted tools Dreamweaver provides for guaranting right sentence structure.

Directly import images and artworks created utilizing different applications.

Feature review attack

Five of import characteristics of Dreamweaver are:

The Code Inspector: 3 different manners: the codification position, design position and design and codification position. Press F10 on the keyboard to entree the codification inspector.

Consequences Window: Have several excess characteristics like the proof checker, a mark browser cheque, nexus checker ( for external links ) , a work flow and HTML studies, FTP Log ( where you can type in FTP bids ) and a waiter debugger.

Templates and Nested Templates: This allows you to make a templet of the site, and do pages from those templets. Besides include in Dreamweaver MX is the Nested Templates characteristic, which is ready to hand when you ‘re making a reasonably good sized site breadcrumbs and alone pilotage for each subdivision.

Snips: Do you hold a normally used book that you have to travel seeking for every few minutes? Do you believe you created a cool fast one that you would wish to reiterate once more? Use a snipping. To entree the snippings window, imperativeness Shift+F9 on your keyboard.

Commands: By utilizing bids you can do complicated undertakings easier. Take for illustration the creative activity of a Web Photo Album. Travel to the Commands bill of fare ( at the top of the page ) and choice Web Photo Album. It will inquire you some information and it will continue to finish the occupation for you.

Three chief elements:

Document window

What the page looks like ( and/or underlying codification )

Insert panel above

Used to infix objects and belongingss

Property inspector below

PI inspects and alterations belongingss of selected objects

The PI is your best friend!

Insert Bar

You can utilize the insert saloon to make and infix objects such as tabular arraies, beds and images. It includes images, hyperlinks, tabular arraies, signifiers, and multimedia objects. When the mouse is rolled over a button, its tooltip comes up with the name of the bid button. These bid buttons are organized into classs. These classs can be switched on the left side of the saloon. In add-on to this the classs besides appear when the current papers contains server code such as ASP or ColdFusion paperss.

The Style Rendering Toolbar

The Style Rendering toolbar is hidden by default. It contains buttons that lets you preview your design for different media types if you are utilizing media-dependent manner sheets.

The Style Rendering Toolbar contains a button that lets you enable or disable CSS manners.

To expose the toolbar, choice View & gt ; Toolbars & gt ; Style Rendering.

Document Toolbar

The Document Toolbar can be used to toggle between different position manners i.e. , Code, Design and Split View manner. In add-on, there are some common bids related to sing the papers and reassigning it between the local and distant sites. There are bids for naming, previewing, and printing the current papers:

Panel Group

The Dreamweaver Panel Groups are displayed vertically on the right side of the Dreamweaver window. Panel groups are aggregation of related panels and bids you will utilize to plan your pages and physique and print your web site.

A Panel group can be collapsed or expanded and docked or undocked along with the other panel groups. A panel appears as a check in the panel group when selected.

The bids available in the panel groups are far more extended than the 1s you ‘ll happen on the Insert saloon, which contains the most common Dreamweaver bids.

Testing Method and attacks

Performance Measurement

Specify the Goals

Specify the ends for the serviceability proving in footings of serviceability property easy to larn, efficietn to utilize, easy to retrieve, few mistakes, subjectively delighting.

Balance the assorted constituents of the ends and make up one’s mind on their comparative importance.

Quantify these serviceability issues which i measured.

The clip users take to finish a specific undertaking.

The figure of undertaking of assorted sorts that can be completed within a give clip bound.

The Ratio between successful interactions and mistakes.

The clip spent retrieving from mistakes.

The figure of user mistakes.

The figure of bids or other characteristics that were ne’er used by the user.

The figure of syste features the user can retrieve during a debriefing after the trial.

The frequence of usage of the manuals and/or the aid system, and the clip spent utilizing them.

The proportion of users who say that they would prefer utilizing the system over some specified rival.

The proportion of users utilizing efficient efficient working schemes in instance there are multiple ways of executing the undertakings.

Conduct the Trial

Make sure that there wo n’t be unexpected break during the trial. Conduct pilot trial to do certain that the tools and the techniques for informations aggregation work good. We have taken, the trial screen shooting to back up our informations aggregation, so that some informations can be collected or verified after the trial by reexamining the screen shooting files.

Even though this technique is aimed to roll up quantitative informations, it should be noticed that it ‘s really of import to roll up qualitative informations to bring out the user ‘s mental procedure and other information behind the quantitative information and take them into history while pulling the decisions.

Question-asking Protocol

Supplying the trial users with the merchandise to be tested as paradigm of its interface and a set of undertakings to execute.

We asked the participants to execute the undertakings utilizing the merchandise, and explicate what they ‘re believing about while working with the merchandise ‘s interface.

We collect pointed, direct inquiries about the merchandise ; for illustration, “ How would you make wesite utilizing dreamweaver tools ” Their response, either in footings of the merchandise being tested or in other merchandises from their past experience, will supply penetrations into their mental theoretical account of the merchandise.

Analyze the Data to Pull the Decisions

To compare with a benchmark value ( for no. , interval, or ratio informations ) , average or average can be calculated, together with standard divergence, standard mistake of the mean, and the assurance intervals.


I would wish to recomedation to dreamweaver to do cryptography for developing matic cryptography for us.

I suggest for and cotrasting

Should I utilize Dreamweaver to code web sites? ” my short reply is, no. You should larn to utilize an editor that was made with programmers as the chief focal point.

“ But does n’t Dreamweaver hold a codification editor build into it? ”

But does n’t Dreamweaver hold a codification editor build into it?

Yes, Dreamweaver contains a codification editor. But my reply to why a programmer should non utilize it goes back to the original purpose of the application. The purpose of Dreamweaver was to give people who do n’t cognize how to code websites the power to construct web sites.


Dreamweaver is a great WYSIWYG editor, easy the best on the market and the lone editor I would of all time take over manus coding in an ASCII editor. There are excessively many characteristics to explicate them all, and that ‘s what makes Dreamweaver a professional application. For the serious web interior decorator this is the editor to utilize. It takes a batch of acquiring used to, chiefly because of all the characteristics to be discovered, but it produces pages that are as good – if non better – than manus cryptography.