There rests assured their Wi-Fi passwords are

There is a Vietnamese proverb, which goes: “Bán anh em xa, mua
láng gi?ng g?n” (Sell your far-off kinship, buy the nearby strangers)._________________I am housed under a shelter with other sixty-two people (it is
62). For the time being, you can imagine that the home address is by far the
only asset we have had in common.By sheer luck, I was endowed with a technologically-conscious
mind. Being a so-called tech-whiz in the neighborhood has never been an easy
job. Growing up, I was known to be an errand runner in terms of tech. It means
every family rests assured their Wi-Fi passwords are secured in my hand, and
yes, I have a directory of 9 different routers. One day, some mice chewed the
Internet wire to bits, and the idea of going panicky was the least thing they
all got to do.Only I know the superior feeling when curing their computers of
viruses by re-installing their operation system, and solely I know the struggle
of surfing the Net with Google Chrome on a 256-megabyte of RAM platform.What have I just done? – I helped my dad delete his fourth
Facebook account after he had successfully created three, unknowingly, already!
Eyes downcast, glasses drooping on the nose, he uses his middle finger (if he
ever knows what it means) scrolling on the tactile screen full of scratches.
From time to time, he threw his phone on my desk, as well as his tantrum, and
went on an outrage about an outstanding phone bill he was charged. Without a
word, I gently picked it up and tapped the mobile data ‘off’.My mom is a true addict of the ‘Bejeweled’ game on my old phone.
After the game publisher, EA, stopped supporting this title since the Android
2.3, the world has stepped forward onto the 7.0. In her world, my old phone is
always wrapped lovingly in a handkerchief, and it deserves an unchanged room in
her handbag. Unlike my dad, her only frenzy was the crash of this game due to
the low capacity of memory on my phone, just a bit of patience would help. While Elon Musk is taking people to the outer space, selling
electric cars like hot cakes, we are still using the second-hand tech products
from China, plus a snail’s pace 3G connection. As a result, we might blame the
fact of falling behind on the ignorance of ours. After I thought twice, the
circumstances have never allowed us to be the best, but at least, we did our
utmost to be our-‘better’-selves, not our-‘worse’-selves. If literacy and
numeracy are the first and second problem to tackle, I would say tech literacy
is the third.I feel extremely blessed to be born into this small society. They
remind me to strive for the better while being in their shoes. Same as I do,
they never fear adapting to the new application of tech, and above all, they do
not let the technology come in their way. It plays a supporting, not a predominant
role, a tool rather than a god to worship.On looking back, I was able to see the seniors stroking their
fingers on a tablet, and their pupils seemed to widen as they could see the
faces of their juniors vividly. If you calculate how much distance I have
gapped, I have lost count. Soon, I am going to outgrow them, but I know however
far I might go without them, I have fulfilled the duty of the first generation
to help them live along with technology.