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There are three questions that everyone asked themselves in their whole life; Who am I? Where did I came from? And Why am I here? So everyone always wanted to find answers for those questions. Some people find themselves on the believing in God, Jesus. Some other find themselves in believing in Buddha. Therefore, each religion will have their own answers. On the 15th century, when bible was finally created by Constantine and everyone become Christian and a lot of Catholic Church was opened. People want to know about the answers for their biggest mystery in their life. They needed to ask the monk to read the bible for them. The bible was heavy and require a long time to copy it by hand so it was very expensive for one bible. Printing press invented was changing the society with Martin Luther’s idea.

Before the printing press was invented, books were written by hand. A large monasteries had rooms called scriptoria where monks copied manuscripts. It was a slow process that could take more than a year for each book. Therefore, there were so many errors in text during that time because the monks often made mistakes and they were not allowed to talk about it or correct mistakes. Very few books were published, and it was very expensive. Most of them were available only for the monks and scholars.

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After the great invention, it helped lowering the book price since the copying job was easier. They can printed a book in a shorter time and lower the cost on hiring people. In 1456, the first copied that Johannes made was the copy of the bible, and today the Gutenberg Bible is an incredibly valuable, which was a treasured item for its historical legacy. For that, more people could have the ability to reach to the bible especially the lower class. Until the printing press was spread, it was developed into an entirely new trade. Printed texted became a new way to spread the information to lots number of people quickly and cheaply. People also began to discuss and develop new ideas about going to school whereas in the past it was common for people to be a quite uneducated. Thus, it helped standardize language, grammar, and spelling when people can see it everyday in the newspaper or a book. According to James A. Dewar in the article ” The Information Age and the Printing Press Looking Back to See Ahead,” which mention the similarity of the printing press with the internet right now. The printing press changed the whole society with the way they spread the information broader and cheaper. The internet also change the whole society on how to catch up the information in the “Information Age” and from it, many ideas and inventions were created.

         With the spread out so easily, new idea was created easily, and they could garner the public’s intention especially the famous person Martin Luther. He was a monk who had seen the rich of the catholic church and bad side of the monks in the church. He wrote 95 theses to question the church’s trafficking in indulgences and called for a public debate. His idea spread across German with the help of the printing press. This issue quickly became a problems for the Catholic Church when people know and understand Luther’s idea and created Luther’s Church. Therefore, it caused reformation and created Protestantism. When Catholic Church lose out money, they want people to come back to the Church so they had spent a lot of money to counter-reformation with art such as musical, architecture, paintings. It became the Baroque Eva. And after that we also have the Thirty Years War which started because of the religious right.

         The printing press was a significant invention, which had changed most the society and their believe. If the printing press was not invented at that time, Martin Luther may not be able to spread out the news to people, the Catholic would not put a lot of money to art, Baroque Eva would not exist and the war would not started. That invention was important and it had changed the ways to spread the information like the internet nowadays.