The taker, and independent. Firstlyl, Christopher shows

The novel, the Curious Incident of the Dog in the
nigh-time, Mark Haddon, the author of the novel, has greatly written a
story of a young boy with autism. The novel starts off with the
protagonist, Christopher Boonen, discovering a dead body of a dog named Wellington.
Christopher decides that he is going to become a detective to find out who
committed the murder, as he writes a book on it. As Christopher
continues his investigation, he comes across information that leads him to find
out some anticipating things, which leads to a series of events to
occur. This novel is greatly based upon Bravery. From the beginning of the
novel to the end, you can see how Christopher changes and becomes a braver
person. Christopher’s bravery is represented through the multiple use of
characterization. Firstly, Christopher becomes more confident, which lead him
to become braver to talk to strangers. Secondly, Christopher becomes a risk
taker, making him brave enough to go to places he has not been to before.
Lastly, Christopher becomes more independent, making him brave when it comes to
taking big decisions. The main message of the book, the curious incident of the
dog in the nigh-time, by mark Haddon, is bravery. Christopher becomes a brave
person becomes he becomes more confident, a risk taker, and independent.

Christopher shows bravery because he becomes more confident because he starts
to talk to strangers. In the beginning of Christopher’s detective work, he
communicates with Mrs. Alexander multiple times. When he first goes to Mrs.
Alexanders house he “tried to do chatting” (40), even though she is
a stranger. Christopher is brave to talk to Mrs. Alexander even though it
was mostly for detective work. He even stays for a while and chats with
her. Christopher later becomes more confident and talks to Mrs. Alexander
multiple times, getting  

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Braver each time.
Another time Christopher talks to a stranger was when he asks a lady
where the train station was. When Christopher was talking to the lady
he “could feel the hand that was holding the knife shaking” (137). He was
terrified from the thought that the lady was a stranger, but latter on he
becomes more brave and confident to talk to her. Christopher was already scared
that his dad was at his school, so him having to talk to a stranger was
a hard thing to do. If Christopher was not brave, he would not be
able to control his emotions, making him sick again. Lastly, when
Christopher is in the train station he communicates with many strangers. Christopher
always says how he does not like “…talking to people for a long
time…” (46), but in the train station he communicates with many
people in a short period of time. Once Christopher had not talked to people for
weeks, so he was strong and confident enough to talk to over 5
people. This is quite impressive for a child with autism. He talks to the
police officer, people who give out tickets, and multiple strangers such
as the man who Christopher bought the atlas from. From being a very antisocial
child, Christopher breaks out of his comfort shell, becoming a
more confident child.  He talks to many people even though he is
afraid such as Mrs. Alexander, the lady who told him where the train
station was, and when he talks to multiple people in the train station. All
these seniors prove that Christopher becomes more confident,
making him a braver person.  

Secondly, Christopher’s
bravery is shown when he becomes a risk taker. The first big risk
that Christopher had taken was by going to the train station. Other
then being around strangers, Christopher hates being in loud
noises, that is why he groans “…to cover up the noise…” (146).
Christopher knows that a train station is a busy place since he
has been there before. So, he knows how noisy it is and how hectic it
gets. Despite so, he still takes the risk and shows  

bravery by still going
there. The second way that Christopher shows bravery is by running

and sleeping behind
the shed. Christopher thought he “…had to get out of the house…”
(122), but choosing the shed from all places was a risky thing to
do. Christopher’s father was already angry by what had just
happened. By running away and getting caught would have made
Christopher get into more trouble. Choosing to hide behind the shed was
risky because it is easy to get caught there. The next morning his
father does check there but luckily Christopher was not
found. He was brave to think to run away at such a young age.
Lastly, Christopher was a risk taker when he chose to run away
to his mother, who lives all the way in London. For him “… going
somewhere on…” (129) his “…own was frightening…” (129), but he still took the
risk and went. Christopher knew that going to London was
a difficult thing to do for him, but he still showed bravery and
went. Christopher’s ability of not being able to talk to
strangers, and loud noises can come in the way of him wanting to leave and go
to London, and he knows that. Anything could happen to him on the
way, but he ignored all of that and took the risk of still going. Christopher
going the train station, running away, and wanting to go live with
his mother in London were huge risks that Christopher took. This showed
that Christopher was becoming a braver person and is not afraid to
take chances.  

Christopher shows bravery when he becomes independent. In the beginning of
the novel, the impression of Christopher not being able to do much without
someone else helping   

him is given, but further on
in the novel, Christopher starts taking big decisions on his own. Firstly, Christopher’s
dad was against him doing any detective work, but Christopher makes the
decision that he still wants to continue.  Christopher was constantly
told “…to keep…” (49) his “…nose out of other people’s business”
(49). Regardless of, he continues. Christopher gets told to stop not just
once, but multiple times in the story. He made his own independent
choice of continuing. Christopher knew that his dad gets very angry
when ever he finds out that Christopher is still doing his detective work. This makes
him brave by going against his father’s sayings. Moving on,
Christopher also makes the choice of going to take the A-level math test.