The State of the State Address was

State of the State Address was about Rick Snyder giving progress about the
state of Michigan. Snyder talked about robotics leading in the national. A
child named Jeremy He wants to continue the careers, communities, businesses,
and schools to improve and become more efficient to lead the state of Michigan.
When he said this, it gave hope to the state’s residents to come as one and
begin to create a future with one another so we can end this crisis. He wants
to have all people come together no matter what and wants to be one giant family.
Snyder wants the adults to take responsible of what is happening now instead of
having the future generation to pay for it and rebuild the state. With the “let
the next generation take over” from author Judy Zeidler, I agree with Snyder as
the adults, who are responsible for most of these causes, fix it before you
give it to the future generation. Rick Snyder enjoyed the recovery of the state
of Michigan and that we are “now we’re accelerating this comeback into the future,”
from Rick Snyder’s quote in the State of the State Address.

The threes strengths about the address are that Michigan is
the number one state in Lear Corporation in bringing jobs, we will continue the
careers, communities, businesses and schools, and that more people are coming
into Michigan than they are leaving. Rick Snyder said that Michigan is number
one in bringing jobs in a state which I could agree with him. The Lear
Corporation, which Snyder mentioned, have 435 positions available at their new
seating plant in Flint. Janice Karcher, senior vice president of the chamber,
said, “The announcement about the Lear project is exciting to many in the
community. It points to great opportunity for redevelopment at Buick City.”
With jobs coming into Michigan, jobs lead to economic growth. If we continue
the careers, communities, businesses, and schools, we can come together as one
and create a state where we know everyone’s abilities and talents to become
more efficient and productive in the state of Michigan. More people coming into
Michigan is a great thing to me because it will lead to industrial, economic,
and agricultural growth. With this being said, minds of different people will
come together and innovate into a more modern, technological state and innovate
in producing food. 

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            Three weaknesses about the address
are the “comeback” of Michigan, opioid crisis, and campus sexual assault. The
“comeback” of Michigan to me I disagree with because of the poverty and
homeless rate still in the state of Michigan. The percentage of poverty in
Detroit is 35.7%, which is still not good comparing to the fact that Michigan
is only 15% which is also higher than the United States which is 14.1%. The
“comeback” of Michigan is good in some little ways, but not in the ways that is
seen in the naked eye. The opioid crisis in Michigan is increasing
tremendously. In 2016, 2,356 people died of drug overdoses which are more than
a car accident. The campus sexual assaults over the years in Michigan are
horrible due to the fact that the people who are sexual assaulted are by
friends, dating a person, or an acquaintance.

The three tasks are additional budget fixing roads, bridges
and potholes, building the Gordie Howe International Bridge, and having the
largest state-wide trail having 2,000 miles for hiking and biking. I believe
that the additional budget for the roads, bridges, and potholes helps with the
economy and will be accomplished within the next year because some of the roads
I was on that were bumpy are now smooth and easy to drive on due to the
potholes being gone. The plans for the Gordie Howe International Bridge help
benefit the community with economic activity in Ontario and Michigan with the
flow of goods and services. With the 2,000 miles hiking and biking it would be
a great tourist attraction for people visiting Michigan which also bring
popularity back into Michigan as well.