The Poetry. Ingraham 2015 states, “In 1992,

The Academy of American Poets

584 Broadway Suite 604

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New York, NY 10012-5243

December 03, 2017



Dana Gioia

Chairman of National Endowment for the Arts

National Endowment for the Arts

1100 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washing, DC 20506


Subject: Grant Proposal for National Poetry Month



For the last couple of decades, the Academy of American
Poets has held an annual poetry reading in recognition of National Poetry
month. We have a strong passion for this because we believe that through poetry
we can unite and embrace different cultures from all around the world. .
However, we would like to reach more people by hosting the event and
broadcasting the poetry reading over radio and television. Poetry in America is
slowly dying. Americans are becoming less interested in Poetry. Ingraham 2015
states, “In 1992, 17 percent of Americans had read a work of poetry at least
once in the past year. 20 years later that number had fallen by more than half,
to 6.7 percent. Those numbers come from the national Survey of Public
Participation in the Arts (SPPA)”. We invite anyone even slightly interested in
Poetry, to come into our organization and learn some more, or to talk to our
poets. Our biggest event allows any of our poets to read poetry and bask in the
art of literature. We hold this poetry reading ever year, but as of now, it does
not look like this is possible.  We ask
that you consider us for a grant so that we may make this happen, on an even
greater scale!



Here at the Academy of American Poets we are a non-profit
organization who runs solely on membership fees and donations. For the last two
decades we have held our National Poetry month event at the local YMCA in
downtown New York. . It has always been a successful event with many poetry
fans. However, we are unable to continue hosting our event there because they
have raised the venue’s rent to $5,000 and we are unable to afford that. We are
a nonprofit organization and it just is not in our budget to rent a venue for
$5,000 and the event is not getting enough exposure. Despite contesting this
issue with the Y, we will be forced to pay this fee, making our yearly poetry
reading unfeasible. This may even hinder our entire organization for many
years. Hopefully we can change this for at least this year. This year we want
to make this poetry reading, not only possible, but available to poetry lovers
all over! In other words, we hope to also share your mission of “bringing the
arts to all Americans,” by broadcasting our reading onto radio and television.
By doing this, we hope to interest an unfamiliar crowd, give access to those
who can’t attend a physical reading, and to make it easier for poets to share
their passion with family and friends. With the help of the NEA grant we
believe that we can continue acknowledging those prime individuals and could
educate those that would like to become poetry writers.  The NEA grant to the Academy could really
show the government support to the art of writing by providing funds for these
events.  The NEA will be a great
contribution to our event and also a great acknowledgement on behalf of the
government toward the public



As stated above, one the main goals of the academy are to
raise awareness for the arts through poetry and what better way to accomplish that
and have a public event. There are many benefits to public shows that includes
making the public feel more comfortable with the brand that is advertised in
broadcast media, using broadcast media is a good investment and broadcast media
can actually be more affordable than we think (Martin, Quick Light Media,
2013).  Publically broadcasting the event
will not only give us more media coverage but will open many doors for us to
grow our mission. This gives a chance for musicians to showcase their original
music. Musicians do not have to play original music and can simply show off
their skills. Actors and theatrical groups could see this as a new project for
them and join as a whole or individually. Graphic designers even have a chance
to do this. .  The point is, by combining
all these different art forms with poetry, we would create a larger audience
and community program. By these artists joining the show, they will be
contributing and supporting their art community, making friends, and further
exploring other parts of themselves.  The
lineup will consist of a more experienced poet/poetry piece first, followed by
a newer poet, and then again, a more experienced poet. This cycle would
continue for the rest of the show. Readers that have no desire other than to
read in front of the microphone, will perform between each other visual or
musical performance. This will keep the show interesting.



Richard Blanco, Education Ambassador, will be our opening
speaker to event explaining the importance of poetry and why we must continue
to push the awareness of it.

-Michelle Campagna, Advertising and Marketing Coordinator,
she will handle all affairs dealing with the venue, local radio and television
stations as well as handling guest relations.

-Jennifer Benka, Executive Director, she will oversee all
operations to make sure things are running smoothly at all times.

Community members would learn what day, time, and channel to
watch S, or what radio station to listen to. We will also recruit and rely on
many volunteers to set up decorations, tables, and to keep the event running
smoothly. We will try to recruit many art teachers so that they can provide
their insight as well as learn some more ways to make their teaching more
valuable, providing more leadership in art education. By doing so, we enhance
an art student’s experience for many years to come.








Estimated Cost

Facility                                                                                                $5,000

Broadcasting                                                              $5,000

Billboard                                                                                             $4,000

Awards                                                                                               $1,000

Scholarships                                                                                        $1,500

Services                                                                                     $2,000

Total                                                                                                                                    $18,500




We here at the Academy of the American Poets have dedication
or lives and have made it our life’s mission to raising the awareness and
uniting through fine arts. We will be bringing artists from actors to musicians
to be a part of this program. Increased interest and support in poetry helps
your organization because it brings more people to help with funding. As an
organization whose intention is nurturing art in the society, NEA will benefit
as well. The event will work to foster the values of NEA as much on art will be
nurtured through the event. Thus, the grants regarding funding will be
important and of benefit to the Academy, the society more so the potential
artists out there and NEA in general. We really appreciate you taking this time
to review our grant proposal and hope to hear back from you soon!



Diane Phan

Diane Phan