The Most Dangerous Threat the Word Faces Today Essay

With the development of society and the upgrade of facilities, people can reach news all around the world with no efforts. As a result, they learn certain problems threatening our world, such as terrorism, extremism, poverty, totalitarianism, and so on. However, when pondering what the most dangerous threat the word faces today is, people’s opinions vary. As far as I’m concerned, terrorism is the most dangerous one, since it brings us lots of distress and suffering. What’s worse, we are not strong enough to eliminate it for good and it still prevails on some places and groups.

There are several reasons contribute to it. People engage in terrorist activities for a variety of reasons. Its causes can be various— political, economic, or religious. The core cause of terrorism is an aggrieved group resorting to violence as resistance against oppressors. Terrorists believe that they have no alternative options to solve problems but to kill people. The belief that violence or its threat will be effective, and usher in change. Unfortunately, this is a vicious cycle.

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The oppressing group will become even more oppressive and violent to the oppressed group and maybe even to other irrelevant people. In return, the terrorists will escalate their efforts too. Alternatively, if a violent terrorist group seizes power thus becoming the oppressors themselves, the newly oppressed group of people will then seek revenge. From this perspective, terrorism seems to be endless. Some terrorists are encouraged by specific reasons, such as opposition to abortion or nuclear energy, or environmental protection and animal rights.

They want to get the public and government’s attention to settle those affairs. Militant animal rights activists, for example, have used violence against scientists in their campaign to halt medical experimentation involving animals. Since terrorism is a complex phenomenon, there is no absolute cause responsible for it. All left us to do is to make joint efforts to cope with it. Bilateral dialogue and communication are expected to be an effective way to know what the terrorists concern and care. Only in this way can we prevent initiatives at very beginning.

In order to calm them down and release their anger, relevant workers should console them patiently lest tragedy happened. At meantime, we can wage propaganda campaigns against violence. If terrorists realize that terrorism does not work, they may find other peaceful ways to solve the problem instead of killing people. In conclusion, the world is tightly united. No matter where terrorist activity happens, we all have obligation to settle it. Although we still have a long way to go to solve this threat, we are confident that we can coexist peacefully regardless region, religion, nationality.