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The freedom of speech is one of the first freedoms that one will associate with the First Amendment. The ability to communicate thoughts and opinions will always be crucial for sustaining a healthy society, as it is in human nature to do so. Furthermore, Andrew Kenyon, while referencing the legal legislature, wrote: “Through speech after truth and democracy, the expression of beliefs and attitudes ‘instantiates or reflects what it is to be human’ ” (Kenyon, 705). Humans are expressive beings, many are willing to fight for what they want. The right to freedom of speech was written in the First Amendment because it is such a basic, essential liberty. Many individuals have utilized this right in a way to push society forward, simply because they were voicing their message. The civil rights act and women’s suffrage would have been completely unsuccessful had it not been for the leaders who spoke out, hoping to make a difference. And yet, they did change the world. In the colonial era, colonist prioritized this freedom because they knew future generations would benefit from an uncontrolled voice. Expressing what one believes, sharing ideas, and using the power of speech to help others is what it means to be human. It is not humane to punish someone who is simply expressing their beliefs and opinions, as long as it is covered by the law. Humanity could have been at stake if everyone’s voices were restricted, limited in ways that can result in severe consequences. Of course, this liberty should not be taken lightly since there are many consequences for abusing the freedom of speech. This freedom does not cover advocating for violence, making violent threats, voicing harmful opinions in relation to prejudice, and other various accounts of degrading speech. America is a very opinionated country because its citizens have the right to project their thoughts out to the public. No one’s voice is restricted. However, citizens in other countries, like North Korea, are not as lucky. North Koreans do not voice their personal or controversial thoughts out to the public. Their freedom is controlled by either fear or generations worth of brainwashing. It is situations like this where people lose their humanity. Speech is a way to communicate with the outside world. Without the right to exercise free speech, humans will be voiceless beings sentenced to a life in complete and utter silence.