The came up to the same place


author uses third person narrative throughout. Words are chosen to highlight
the crammed cubicles in which people live out their lives. There is no privacy
or comfort. Describing Ward’s cubicle, the narrator says “partition pressed
against his knees and he could hardly move” ………..


The story
starts in a simple way were the author conveys that we humans are the only
reason which has been lead to the overpopulation of the society. Which clarifies
the word dark side, the reason why we humans have no space to has been
occupied by all of us in various kinds of way which points out the tip of sword
to us itself.

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in small cubic with no privacy just space as tall as our height and as wide as
our waist place only to sleep and rest at night, this again certifies the word
dark side. When the author introduces the situation where the characters in the
story have found a secret place to live and have decided to move inflate on
they think on inviting their friends and girlfriends to move in with that
the space is equally divided and they earn just by sitting at home which was
helpful for them. Later on the girlfriends invited their family’s to move in
with them as it was really hard to find homes to live in the days. The 2 characters
agreed to that as they were earing by the land so it was fine for them, this
certifies the word dark side of humanity.


on when there is no space to live they come up with only solution to sell the
beautiful wardrobe which was they only pride of the place, the only decoration,
the only attractiveness to the place. gradually they came up to the same place
were the belong which was the small cubic which was formed by the big place
they had found for themselves……… The Dark Side Of Humanity (Two years earlier
Ward had been caught in one outside the stadium, for fort-eight hours was
trapped in a gigantic pedestrian jam containing over 20,000 people, fed by
crowds leaving the stadium on one side and those approaching it from the other.
Pedestrian jams
were one of the features of the dystopian city in which the protagonist lived.
The one in which Ward was caught involved 20,000 people and it carried on for
forty-eight hours, during which it was impossible to move at will. In spite of
such gigantic crowds present at the sports events, people attended them to get
away from the tiny cubicles in which they lived.)