The and the USA are big players

The relations between the United States of America (USA) and China has a long history with each other for decades. The relations between the two countries are still talked about and becomes news when something happens. China and the USA are big players globally in development, economically, and military power.  Americans started trading with China in the mid-19th century, because at the time the British refused to. China had goods that the British didn’t and America was growing. On the other hand, China was looking to grow as well, and saw trading with America as an opportunity to expand their business even more (1).  Although, USA and China have good relations on trade and business is well, but the trust between the two countries are weak. The two countries are giants economically in the world, but have opposing or different views on policies and security issues (1). Some of these different views between China and USA are; how to deal with rogue states, spread of nuclear weapons, human rights, and supporting a person for raw materials (1).  The joke of China stealing ideas is not a joke. China is always observing and stealing ideas from other countries to build themselves higher into the competition economically and technologically. Over the past few decades, China has shorten the gap with America by analyzing what America has or does.  Even though the differences, the relationship between the two do not break or become bad enough to lead to being enemies. The question of why America and China are in a good relationship or if they are do not pop-up in my mind. This is because almost everything in America is “Made in China”. If the two countries had a bad relationship, 90% of products would not be made in China. After looking into deeper of the two countries’ relationship, I began to realize the fundamental reasons why they need each other.  In an article I found by John Mauldin on, Mr. Mauldin presented three graphics that showed the importance of the relationship between USA and China (4). The first reason he gave was China needed USA because USA was China’s main export (4). Mauldin’s first chart from his article shows that “almost 20% of all Chinese exports went to the United States in 2015” (4). So, if by any chance that China breaks ties with the USA, it would cost China billions of money. Yet it’s not only China relying on America. This second chart in Mr. Mauldin’s article shows the amount of cheap imports America buys from China. According to Mauldin, “more than one-fifth of all U.S. imports came from China in 2015” (4). This chart shows that it’s not just the Chinese relying on the USA, but USA also relying on the imported cheap products from China.  The two graphs show the importance of the economic relations the countries have. The argument of a trade deal has been a hot topic in the USA for a long time. Since America imports many goods from China, America tries to get a better deal out of China. But as we know today, they haven’t made a better deal.