The 18th to 19th century. It began

The Industrial Revolution took place between the 18th to 19th century. It began in the late 1700’s.The Industrial Revolution lasted over 100 years. One of the many innovations that made the Industrial Revolution possible began in  the Textile Industry.Britain also had plenty of coal and iron which is needed to make power and invent the world changing machines that redefined our lives.In this essay we will be learning about Steam Engines because they helped the world change in many ways. Without steam engines factories relied on water power and wind power ,but with water power, factories had to be located near rivers and lakes. During the winter the rivers and lakes get frozen up. The problem with wind power, is the fact that wind doesn’t always blow. Steam power allowed factories to be anywhere and provided lots of power. Another way Steam Engines changed the world was travel.River travel was easier and quicker.It also allowed railroad tracks to be developed. Travel became much easier with the steam engine.Businesses relied on steam locomotives and steamboats to transport products. Theiropportunity for profit increase was building up. The steam engine was very important back in the industrial revolutionary time.  One downside to the steam engine was pollution. Steam filled airs dominated cities they had horrible living and air condition.The cities had horrible work conditions and rivers were polluted too. The pollution was mainly caused by the carbon dioxide released into the air. Today because of steam engines countries like china have horrible living conditions and air conditions. Without the industrial revolution we wouldn’t have even gameboys. We need it because if we didn’t have it we wouldn’t be so advanced right now i’m pretty sure the cotton gin would’ve been invented today. We would probably not be here because of planes. Without steam engines we wouldn’t even have trains or tractors. When researching about steam engines I learned that steam engines allowed factories to be away from  rivers and not use wind also I learned that steam engines helped business with steam locomotives for transport and steamboats. Pollution was the only downside to the steam engine.