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Tesla Company
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The general term for global environment refers to an environment in which
a company operates. This includes a range of factors that can influence a
business, including its location, politics, technology, culture, and the
economic status of the global environment. Tesla Motors has also expanded into
international markets. Tesla started delivery of its Model-S in Europe in
August 2013, while deliveries in Asia occurred in April 2014. Tesla had a lot
of success in Europe, Tesla is already the best-selling model in Norway. Norway
has a reputation for being environmentally friendly. The incentives provided by
the Norwegian government have helped Tesla sell more cars there. China has also
overtaken the US as the world’s biggest automotive market. General Motors sells
more cars in China than it does in the US. Currently, Tesla does not have any
joint venture in China. However, most other automotive companies including Ford
and General Motors have formed joint ventures with domestic Chinese companies.
As Tesla grows in China, it might want to explore joint venture partners in the
country (International, 2015). Tesla also believes that China could be one of
its biggest markets in the coming years.

Socially responsible companies
are extremely rewarding for investors. The California-based automotive company
manufactures and sells zero-emissions cars, which cause less harm to the
environment than gas-powered-vehicles thereby making it a socially responsible
company. “Tesla’s social responsibilities include communities
(highest priority), customers, employees, investors/shareholders, and
governments. At Tesla Motors communities are an automotive business that directly accomplishes the
concerns of the community and stakeholders that determine the brand image (Tesla,
2017). One of Tesla’s main interests are to emphasize how much the natural
environment needs to be conserved or protected. The communities have stated
that they are very satisfied with how environmentally friendly the products are
because of zero emissions. In 2014, CEO Elon Musk announced that the company
would allow other individuals and organizations to use its patents. This
corporate social responsibility strategy directly benefits communities
interested in using or developing technologies, and emphasizing Tesla’s mission
statement (Tesla, 2017). Tesla has also partnered with SolarCity to create
more electric power charging stations in order to bring more sustainable energy
solutions to the community. Tesla plans to bring down its battery costs by more
than 30% with its Gigafactory. This would be a competitive advantage for Tesla
over other electric vehicle manufacturers (International, 2015). According to Tesla, “By
2020, the Gigafactory will reach full capacity and produce more lithium ion
batteries annually than were produced worldwide in 2013.”

Customers are interested in the quality of products as well as
affordable pricing in a vehicle. The company gives high priority to these
stakeholders. To address these interests of customers the company continues to search
for new ways of lowering battery costs. The company plans to manufacture its
own batteries to make its electric automobiles more affordable instead of continuing
to purchase batteries from Panasonic. This approach will improve customer
experience and convenience as well as the social responsibility efforts to
ensure Tesla satisfies the interests of customers as a stakeholder group.

Tesla Motors believes that their employees are a major success
factor in its business. Employees as stakeholders influence business
performance and productivity. Tesla’s interests include high compensation and considerable
career opportunities. Tesla satisfies these interests through a competitive
compensation strategy, as well as HR programs designed to enhance skills
development and leadership development. The company’s corporate social
responsibility strategy offers learning experiences through collaborative
programs with partner firms, thereby satisfying the interests of employees as
stakeholders (Tesla, 2017).

Tesla’s early days depended on the amount of funding that came from
investors. These stakeholders are important in influencing the capitalization
of the company (Tesla, 2017). Investors and shareholders have interests in the
profitability and growth of the business. Tesla’s corporate social
responsibility strategy approaches these interests through long-term strategies
that directly aim to transform the automotive market (Tesla, 2017). The company
allows its patents to be used by other companies in hopes that it will increase
market demand for electric vehicles. This in turn will create more growth opportunities
for the company. The sustainability and environmental friendliness ideals of
the company are also in line with current sociocultural trends, supporting
business growth. Tesla’s corporate social responsibility strategy satisfies the
interests of investors/shareholders as stakeholders of the business (Tesla,

Tesla Motors experiences the effects of governmental action by
stakeholders that present requirements, limits and opportunities to the
business. This stakeholder group’s interests include legal compliance, as well
as business contribution to economic growth. With plans for strategic global
expansion and an excellent sustainability record, Tesla’s corporate social
responsibility strategy satisfies these interests (Tesla, 2015).

Diversity at Tesla motors is something they take huge pride in. “Diversity
is one of the many factors we consider when hiring and recruiting, and we are
fortunate to benefit from a wide range of backgrounds, perspectives, and ideas
from our employees. This diversity will remain a key feature of work life at
Tesla going forward states Tesla.” The gender gap within Tesla Motors’
leadership ranks is more like a canyon. All top executives and board members
are men. The technology industry has been widely criticized for its lack of
women long with a shortage of blacks and Hispanics.






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gender gap