TECONOLOGICOS generated added value and have facilitated

TECONOLOGICOS advances, good and bad

The technology has had an
acceptance in the whole world, this in turn to benefit to millions of people in
the daily life, has made possible actions that at one time were taxable to
realize, at the same time that it has replaced tasks or forms of employment
that today They are becoming more and more obsolete or totally unknown to the
new generations.

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Communication and the means of
transport have been the most important tops, since nowadays they have generated
added value and have facilitated the carrying out of functions in a world that
has been globalized. We can not do even side the advance in the machines of
plant or manufacturing, have contributed to the global competitiveness,
although in certain places of the planet there are still groups of monopolised
markets and world-wide is lived in a capitalist economy, although it is not
this the main case for addressing these issues.

have been many the benefits What They
have generated these advances in people, as well as in each living race, have
revolutionized the consumer market and day by day is a growing issue, so that
is to imagine the way they step on the heels to compete for niches or segments
of customers who call Both their attention to the purchasing capacity they

The same companies develop
technology in an efficient way that can lead to obsolescence, the products
generated by others, is what is called Empowerment Competition, the same
companies manufacture products called to the planned obsolescence, this so that
consumption is daily and not paralyze the market at any time.

Some people of the last century
criticize the technological advances that have been given and continue giving
day to day, since they see the change that one lives day after day, they see
how the world evolves, but this is not what they worry, they worry as many
children grow and in turn They are poisoned or influenced in a bad way by
television programs, by the computer, by the cell phone etc.  It is there that the importance of parents
taking care of the content that their children share, with whom they relate and
analyze the behavior that are presented daily, the change that they are
obtaining as they grow and that situations must or not be accepted Depending on
the natural level they have, since virtual invaders are abused on daily

The world cannot ignore that the
same advances that have been presented generate a call to the virtuality where
today, 21st century 2018 year must respond to that call if you want to be at the
global level, if you want to be at the competitive height and development fully
and accelerated.

The technological advances that
are presented every day, have generated in the people, this worldwide, the need
to create careers of studies, technical, technological, professional, not to
mention the high specializations that depart from there, with the purpose of To
live up to the production machines, the daily environment. To be competitive
and possess capacities that keep them up to the new jobs, those who have
emerged in favor of humanity, but also those who have replaced those that one
day were obsolete or perhaps no longer known absolutely nothing, so little
profitable that so N, for how little competitive they are today.

But as I said earlier, these
developments are and always Is Have Given the sole purpose of generating
comfort and personal, social, etc. The media brings us closer and closer to
those people we love the most, not to mention the business projects that daily
and at every moment are given by these means, by the ease of removing the cell
phone and call, without having to send A message and spend days and even months
waiting to know if it was actually or not received by whom we wanted. Of
course, these benefits depend on the use given to them, they depend on how
intelligent we are or not to manage them… always life turned around two
things, good or bad, has always depended on behavior and social and personal

Cell phones, computers and
virtuality in general, have generated in those families who have not managed,
family ties rupture, it is strange not to see in a restaurant or a dining
table, the cell phone next to each diner, or worse, in hand. This has helped to
facilitate relations at the global level, but it has also generated discomfort
in families that gradually lose communication, this in turn generates a
potential diversion of relationships.

Some advice I give about it. We
must turn off the phone when you are on vacation, to enjoy and fill with new
energies, at the same time you rest a bit of the daily effort. It’s something
absurd, but with the cell phone off or without it. All around it returns to be
as it always was when these did not exist.

We must turn off or silence the
cell phone when you are in a family gathering or at the time of dinner, to
generate fraternity and union between families. Parents and children. And the
children with their parents. We must turn off the cell phone when it comes to
sleep, studies have shown the evil that cell phones produce when we sleep with
them under the pillow or next to us, plus there is no shortage that interrupts
the sleep to send you Messages or call you for things that produce energy wear
and a bad break.

We must behave ethically and
maturely through virtuality, we must form each day through courses or through
simple readership of bloggers, about the responsible use and management that
should be given to vitality, social networks, and why not, about how a machine
works and how it favors the knowledge of it.