South Africa Essay

Just with this picture alone it provides you an image Of how little freedom blacks had. This made theyre lives harder because if they were to forget it they would be punished deeply. “Dont vote in Apartheid election! ” (doc. 8). Document 8 shows a political attitude. It demonstrates a non-racial, anti-apartheid organization. They were trying to get people not to vote and to encourage people to fight for their freedom. In the social category documents 1 and 3 are demonstrated. Document shows how they moves the people around.

Blacks were oushed into small areas while whites were able to rome around freely. The social attitude showed how segregation effected everyday lifes. Docuent 6 provies laws that controlls the freedom of non-whites. “No white madn may teach an African servant to read. ” (doc. 6). Black people were treated with no repect. They werent even allowed to read. These laws show how cruel the non-whites were treated. Document 4 shows how although segrregation was lifted the attitude didnt. You could easily see segregation between two races because of the ocial attitude.

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They domonstrate how they had different bus stops for blacks and whites. At hte end document 3 showed segregation by putting up signs. They would write the signs in both English and Afrikans. Even in a sign they distinctly seperated the blacks from the whites. Although all documents were sufficent Some extra documents can be offered. A first hand point of view given personal understanding would have been a lot more credible. Overall all three groups had the same understanding of how unfairly the non-whites were treated while incorperating all the different attitudes.