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Software quality assurance refers to the overall planning and systematic work necessary to ensure that the software meets the predefined requirements. Software quality assurance activities are to identify the characteristics and requirements of software in the early stage of software development and set quality goals. In the development stage, it is to check whether the quality objectives are met through the formal technology review and go through the testing process. It is based on software quality factors such as Reliability, Efficiency, Reusability, Usability, Maintainability, Testability, and Portability to ensure the quality of the output. (Test institute, n.d.) If the software meets a given function and operates without defects, then software quality might be primarily achieved. However, since mobile bank apps do not work without software, software systems must ensure a higher level of quality.

There are many software development methodologies that are used to develop mobile applications such as, Iterative development, Scrum, Test driven development, Lean development, Waterfall development process, and Agile development process. One of the methodologies that are essential for the mobile app is Agile software development. It is a collective term referring to various lightweight development methodologies aiming at rapid, flexible and adaptive software development. It is a development method that minimizes risk by employing a short-term called iteration. Furthermore, it is a development method in which a development object is divided into a small function and it is developed in one repetition cycle. Unlike existing document-based development methods, it emphasizes immediate face-to-face communication between project stakeholders when needed. (IT Knowledge Portal, n.d.) The most important point in software development methodology is that when developing an application without a plan, it will squeeze the code without a well-defined procedure. It will lead to time-consuming and create a bunch of bugs. Eventually, the schedule will be delayed, the cost will increment, quality will decrease, and even the essential requirements for the app will more likely to be missed. 

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