Social smart to leave a trace, they

Social Networks have brought societies
online providing them different ways of communications and people gather
virtually creating social circles and communities to conduct activities, chat
and share interests. The evolution of Social Networks as a new way of
communication has changed the way we gather and has shown advantages for social
life, marketing, business and other aspects. But the increased worldwide usage
of Social Networks has led to malicious activities. And risks of these
activities can cause major impacts to individuals allowing hackers to invent
and to come up with new strategies of finding victims. People get hacked and
their privacy can be penetrated without them finding out about it because now
hackers are too smart to leave a trace, they steal information, spy and stalk
silently. Thus, this cannot be the normal so-called hacking, it is silent
hacking and it is happening also it can only be identified when raw data is
invested in new and intelligent methods.