Rich and Poor in El Salvador Essay

The European people always thought they were superior to the people they just conquered and that idea of being white and superior has been implemented into everyone’s head until this day. Normally people who ave money in El Salvador have lighter skin than those who don’t have money and there has been a lot differences between both classes.

The problem now is that political parties are taking advantage ofthis difference between classes and are creating more hatred between them in order to gain more votes. politicians are the people who are suppose to solve problems for the people, not create more tension between them, and this problem has been present since El Salvador s independence in 1 821, where oppression has been the ay to rule, and people don’t have any choice but to live with it.

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Since 1821 the Mestizos race has taken over the country and ruled since. Kep. words: Mestizos: A combination of races, in this case of White Spanish and Native Indians from Latin America, usually lighter skin and taller than Native Indians. It is hard to believe that there is racism in a country where there is only Hispanics and no other race living in it. Believe it or not there is and it is onsidered one of the most racist countries in Central America.

Poor people are being discriminated not just because of their lack of money and education, but because they have indigenous roots and they look “different” from Rich people. El Salvador has the least amount of Ethnic groups according to the CIA World Fact Book with its population consisting of 86. 3% of Mestizos, 12. 7% White and finally 1% Native Indians.