Recommendations for Improving Employee Attitudes and Performance Essay

The intent of this survey was to find the impact of employee attitudes on public presentation. The findings in the old chapter highlighted really interesting consequences whereby it clearly showed that attitudes do hold a considerable impact on public presentation.

5.2 Recommendations

Teleservices Ltd can profit from the recommendations discussed below:

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5.2.1 Job satisfaction

Job satisfaction is one of the major concerns at Teleservices Ltd. Most of the employees are happy with their occupation but some are non, hence to increase occupation satisfaction, the organisation can implement the followers:

Management should continuously promote and heighten an apprehension of and an grasp for the functions of the employees in the organisation. This will of course take to single satisfaction.

Directors must give clear counsel about his outlooks from the employees and this will bring forth better and improved public presentation. The staffs expect sufficient communicating from equals and directors because it is a manner to do them experience of import.

Directors can implement what ‘s typically called a “ work/life balance plan. ”

5.2.2 Leadership manner

From the findings it has been viewed that employees seems slightly disgruntled sing the determination devising procedure and the attitude of their higher-up. Some betterments that can be proposed are:

Management demand to develop a clime of trust by being honorable with people and handling them equitably this will promote the development of positive attitudes.

The company must be effectual in determination devising so that employees have full trust in direction and does non experience that there exist favoritism.

5.2.3 Employee committedness

Committed employees are important for the success of any organisation. At Teleservices Ltd at that place seems to be a deficiency of committedness towards the clients and besides employees can non clearly define company ‘s mission and scheme. This issue can be solved by using certain step:

Advise on methods of pass oning the values and purposes of direction and the accomplishment of the administration so that employees are more likely to aline their occupations with it.

Use the jurisprudence of reciprocality. To acquire commitment and trueness from employees, one must be committed and loyal to them. Committedness and trueness are bipartisan contracts.

Management should acknowledge that employees are the most valuable plus – ‘Happy employees equal to happy clients ‘

5.2.4 Job engagement

As per the information gathered from the analysis it can be seen that this factor is non given much importance at Teleservices Ltd though as from literature it is considered to be an indispensable component in developing positive attitude and therefore better public presentation. Some recommendations proposed are mention below:

Management should recognize that employee public presentation consequences in enhanced organizational public presentation. In other words, workers should be suitably and equitably rewarded for their attempt.

Making an environment where single members can talk freely for making a cohesive and successful squad. It can follow an unfastened door doctrine.

Directors must invent manner to do employees experience that their capablenesss, attempts and public presentation parts are recognized and appreciated.

Although compensation provides some acknowledgment directors must set accent on non-monetary acknowledgment which is besides of import. Examples of non-monetary acknowledgment include congratulationss from directors, squad members and clients.

5.2.5 Career satisfaction

The preparation and development of employees is progressively recognised as an of import facet. Training and development are normally considered to be different signifiers of human capital investing for single and organisational betterments. However at the company the employees show some dissatisfaction refering their calling advancement. Certain steps to be taken in this context can be as follows:

Develop a positive psychological contract by handling people as stakeholders trusting on consensus and cooperation instead so command and coercion and concentrating on the proviso of chances for larning, development and calling patterned advance.

Management must pass on to its employees about the accomplishment and advancement of the company so as to guarantee the staffs that the company does hold a good hereafter.

To set up a calling way for the employees upon enlisting so that they know how to execute and turn with the company, this might promote the employee to go loyal to the administration.

5.2.6 Personality Traits

From the analysis conducted it has been viewed that traits like being fond and sympathetic are least considered though these traits are of import when covering with clients. This gives an indicant why the degree of client satisfaction and trueness is low at Teleservices Ltd. The company must supply developing sing this affair so as to do the employees aware of the importance of being fond and sympathetic. This is chiefly to better the accomplishments of the employees and to supply alteration to the individual ‘s attitudes and outlook. The of import thing is that his behavior should be client focused. This will take to greater satisfied clients and accordingly lend to the administration success.

5.2.7 Motivation

At Teleservices it has been seen that non merely acknowledgment is of import for them but besides much importance is given to wagess. They do experience motivated when they receive congratulations and acknowledgment for their public presentation but in add-on they more accent it put on the fiscal facets. In order to do the employees feel more motivated certain steps can be applied:

Small, informal jubilations are many times more effectual. A rap on the dorsum, a personal note from a equal or a supervisor does wonders.

To increase the position of employees, they should be given good intervention. For illustration, distribution of gifts to employees Christmas or to direct them a card on their birthday in order to demo that the company cares for them

To give promote to employees who deserve a publicity.

5.2.8 Customer Satisfaction

This is a cardinal determiner of long term consumer behavior. The more satisfied clients are, the greater is their keeping and the higher is the fiscal benefits for the company who serves them. Thus it is imperative for Teleservices Ltd to construct a client database that keeps path of the demands of the clients, their profiles, penchants and amongst others.

Good client service is the lifeblood of any concern. Teleservices Ltd must guarantee that betterments are done sing client satisfaction as the employees do non give much importance to the clients ‘ demands and demands. Success in any company depends on understanding the cardinal issues that affect client demands and besides an apprehension of how good the company meets or exceeds clients ‘ demands.

One of the most of import things Teleservices Ltd can make is to give clients more than they expect so merely presenting the service. They should ever endeavor to give them something excess, something beyond their outlook. Customers will be more likely to make concern once more with the company and therefore taking to client trueness.

Top direction, through its actions, must demo that client satisfaction is of import to it. This can be done in several ways.

Admiting countries where the company needs to better,

Allocating appropriate resources to the betterment of client satisfaction,

Engagement of direction and employees in the development of programs for client satisfaction betterment,

Clear and frequent communicating of what is being done to better client satisfaction.

5.3 Decision

The recommendations provided can supply indispensable counsel to the company Teleservices Ltd to better the company ‘s public presentation and at the same clip holding a committed work force with positive attitudes.