Reading Response Slavery In The Land O Essay

The most surprising piece of me that is saw a white woman said she will give a good life to a black slave girl, and promise she will pay the money to this girl and let her learn knowledge. At that time, I think maybe this white people have to change, especially, after the war between the states. But some thought that I think is hard to change. Slaves are under the control Of the master.

In the end, the hostess was very cruel to treat slaves, although she was a child. Think it’s so cruel. America has long been considered the world’s largest trafficking country, both now and before, although the law is now the United States in the fight against such violations, but still some people in the back were Human Trafficking, that will be not located. Lackadaisical, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman, there are 1 00,000 to 500,000 illegal immigrants in the United

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States are trafficked, and engaged in hard labor each year. Foreign troops stationed in the United States to provide their sex slaves, 100,000 American minors become prostitutes, many children are adopted after the Lignite States engaged in the sale of hard labor or the sex industry. So involved in the slave market transactions not only ordinary American citizens, as well as the national military personnel. In the past, many African and Arab people will be sold to the Americans as slaves to do hard labor.

Ancient times, their masters are mostly Americans. Until now beginning to become many different types of slaves, slave labor had done well to do porn costumes slaves, and their new owner can be rich in many different countries. The best way to solve the IIS and global slavery is to continue to fight criminals involved in the slave trade, and severely punish them. For our ordinary citizens, but also more harm explain slavery, so that people understand that this is a good, but immoral.