Process resources and time needed to finish



Improvement Project: Phase II and III


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order to meet my goals I will add various types of strategies that will help me
to make some significant improvement to my project and help deal with the Apple
watch dilemma. Project planning is very important, its intended purpose is to
define any major task and it can also estimate the resources and time needed to
finish the project. It also provides a structure of how management reviews
controls multiple activities and obtain data from other sources.

            There are several strategies and methodologies that can
be used in the projects development to meet my goal. Some of these strategies
can be viewed as followed

Identifying the
familiar risks when executing the project and knowing how the process used in
ensuring quality.

The scheduling of
several tasks to be done by implementers

The technical tactics
used when you are problem solving

The understanding of
each task and the relationship between task and the possible amount of
resources needed to perform every single one of the task

They’re might be
several business functions that can be influenced negatively or positively by
any added functions to the project plan. Any planning can help the reduction of
its organization’s problems and dilemmas and help by improving the success of
the organization when the adjustments are made to the company’s operation
system and how it responds to any of the changes. Many of the big companies use
project implementation to get some competitive edge against their competition
for monopolizing purposes. It is something that can be used via other
technologies used by the competitors such as the smart watches from Samsung,
like the Samsung Gear. If there are any features that can be mimicked we can
always use it to introduce a newer version of the Apple watch. In order to
obtain my goal I have to have my team ready for the project and some of the
best strategies, where I feel Kaizen can be used. Kaizen is a strategy that
employees work together to improve manufacturing process. Each employee has a
particular skill or talent. This helps combine collective talent and create an
engine that will eliminate waste from manufacturing process. Another strategy I
can use is the PDCA methodology to generate positive improvement. PDCA stands
for Plan, Do, Check and Act. This methodology can help improve any project by
developing a hypothesis, allow you to experiment, then evaluate your results
and then analyze and refine any changes on the strategy to improve the product
or production. “As you become more successful in your career, the actions you
take and the projects you run will affect more and more people. The more people
you affect, the more likely it is that your actions will impact people who have
power and influence over your projects”(Thompson, R. N.D.).













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