People with Similar Personalities Make the Best Friends Essay

Have you ever had a friend? Do you think your friendship would be everlasting? Well, everybody has had friends. Friends are who always beside us; share the joy or the sadness with us. But, do people with similar personalities make the best friends? I don’t think so! First, if we have friends with different personalities, we could learn something new about ourselves and about the others. You would never know what you really best at or what your real talent if you always play with a friend have the same character as yours.

Because when you see the differences, you can appreciate them, and you would consider that is good or bad, you can make a comparison between your character and your friend’s. Second, having different characters friends could support each other in our lives. Your friends have many different characters, and you can see what is good or bad, that may help complement your individuality. You can acquire the good from your friends; you can learn from your friends the strengths, the patients, or the vivaciousness… what characters you have never had before. Moreover, just like when you play a puzzle, different pieces can fit together better than the same ones! Finally, friends are very important in our lives; so that choosing a best friend is extremely hard. Best friend not just a friend having the same characters, but the one having an honest heart, a real love with everyone, a faithful mind and well behavior.

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You choose your friend by looking how better than you they are, both inside and outside, you choose your friend because they are different from you, not the same as you. Of course, many people would like to have a friend who just likes you, who make you feel like you are in the same family. When you go outside with your friends, hearing people say: “oh, you look like sisters/brothers”, you can feel very happy. But believe me; friends with different personalities would make the best friends better than the similar ones