Patriot Act of 2001 Essay

Patriot Act of 2001

The  Patriot Act  was signed into law by President George Bush in October 2001.The law was a reaction to the september the  eleventh terror attacks that were carried out in our lands by America enemies.While signing it into the law the president said that the act will help in strengthening American security forces through giving them more powers to carry their duties more effectively.This in return will make United States of America a safe place to be.The September Eleventh attack has left America with no other choice than to fully strenghth the capacity to fight the evils of terror which are a new form of world security threat allover the world.

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The main aim of the act was to  strengthen the ability of  security agents to get information which can help in prevetion of terror attacks.This is a very noble cause,the events of the dooms day still cause shivers to many Americans,thought of a repeat of the chilling attacks is enough to make anybody sick with fear.Many lives were lost and at the same time ribs were broken where people were turned into disables in a flash of a second,not mentioning the millions worth of property that were destroyed at the dawn of the fateful day.I support every move by our beloved government to protect the lives of our people and property.(Howard,B 2004 12)

There has been a national debate on the law, the debate has almost divided the nation.There are those people who fully support the law whereas others are not comfortable with some of the provisons in the act.One of the most fundamental point is that all Americans are in agreement that there is need for a law which can protect this nation from the terrorist attacks which seem to be taking a new dimension.The bone of contention is what should be included in this act.

The law gives powers to law enforcement agents to get the necessary information using the latest technology and to a certain extent conduct searches on those suspected.To some extent somebody might argue that this is infringement of our rights which are well safeguarded by our constitution but what is more important?I think if the law enforcement officers went a step further just to prevent a situation where the innocent Americans are killed senselessly they would be doing this nation a great service.I would not mind a little violation of my right for the sake of national security.The secutiry of the people of America should take precedence of everything else,what would happen if we all enjoyed our rights as citizens but we loose our nation to the terror agents?Surely this would be the saddest thing to happen to our beloved country.(Carr,C 2003 56)

The support given by the house is a clear indication of how seroius this law was,the members understood the importance of this law in making America and the world a safer place.Our representatives truly aired our concerns by supporting this law,every American was deeply concerned by the events that took place on our land close to seven years ago.It may be seven years but the chilling events seem like they happened yesterday.When I gather that both parties voted unanimously voted for the enactment of the law I salute my brothers and sisters for a brave show of patriotism which has make America as a country stand out from the rest.(White,J 2002 109)

The act simply gives the security agents the power to use tools which are already in place to investigate terrorist acts.While contributing to the debate Senator Joe Biden wondered why the Federal Bureau could use wire tapping method to investigate criminal gangs such as Mafia yet they could not use the same method to puruse the terrorists.The act was only giving the investigators more teeth to bite the enemy eventually protecting this country from senseless killing carrried out by people who are out to see America down.(White,J 2003 178)

Those opposing the full implementation of the law need to realize how urgent it has become for America to protect itself from people who hate us so much and have no value for life including theirs.They are ready to die for the sake of seeing Americans suffer.These people are not in uniform, neither  do they have any mark or carry a sign which can make them easily spotted.They are in our midst,they prowl our streets carefully looking for easy targets,they use our banks to finance and transfer money to accomplish their mission,they use our airwaves to transfer information to their intended destination.We cannot afford to see another strike in America,we as citizens have the power to stop it,this is through supporting the laws which have been made towards this end.Patriot Act is one such law which aims at protecting everyone in this country.This law should stay as it is so that those who intend to harm America can be netted before they commit the crime.We should not let them hide under the auspices of the civil liberties but rather we should allow our law enforcement officers to carry out their duty and this country will be free and safe from  the terror activities.(Mailman,S 2002 67)

Terror agents are elements who use the latest technology to carry out their activites.They are well trained to carry out their mission.They are capable of escaping the set out detection devices,they are smart in what they do.This pose a real threat to our law enforcement officers,they need all the available means to net these people who can be elusive at times.If we allow them to use the already existing technology to catch them before they commit the acts of terror, we as a country will be defending this country just like our soldiers who are fighting for us in some corners of the world.It is my clear understanding that the law enforcement officers will apply discresion while in the course of their duty.They will not victimize peace loving Americans and that is why we should all support the law so that our lives and those of generation to come can be safe to live in this country without the fear of one day waking up to massive destruction and death as has happened in the past.(Doyle,C 2002 23)

Since the  enactment of this law  in October 2001,some progress has been registered,as president Bush put it “the  act has been very instrumental in the winning the war against terror and in protecting the American people”(Howard,B  2004 p 5) Intelligence has been beefed up and impending terror attack have been prevented before they have been carried out.The law has safeguarded the Amercan people while taking into consideration their fears,it has clearly addressed the objections which have been raised by some of the people concerning violations of our constitutional rights.It has enabled the security agents to utilize new and existing tools to combat real threats that are facing this nation.It is important to appreciate that America still faces a real danger and some very dangerous criminals,our priority as a country should be to support any course that aims at defeating this enemy.It is only through this way that we will all be proud as Americans.(Howard,B  2004 6)

Sharing of vital information between law enfocrement agents had not been possible in the past,the Patriot Act makes this possible ,it breaks the bureaucraticic walls that have existed between the investigating and intelligence officers.Such a coperation will ensure all the efforts are geared towards the same goal therefore making this battle effective.When forces cooperate,they will save this country some money as there will be no duplication of activities.(Doyle,C 2002 45)They will work together for the same course,to save this country from the fundamentalists who have no mercy and only aim at killing innocent American people.We do not want to go back to the days when  intelligence agencies treated each other with suspicion.Due to such mistrust between these organizations criminal activities which could have been avoided have caused masive loss of life and destruction of property.Howard  observes that the mistrust and suspicion that have characterized intelligence agencies inn the past has caused this nation some deep misery.He singles out the bomb explosion in 1988 which killed two hundred and sixty nine people who were aboard a Panam aircraft.The Isreal Mossad agency had warned Central Investigation Agency of an impending attack.The CIA did not pass this information to FBI and other security  and federal agencies.Howard concludes that the lack of cooperation between the agencies only went further to benefit the terrorist who perhaps used this loophole to step up destructive efforts.(Howard,B 2004 10)

Strengthening our law enforcement capacity to deal with the real threat facing United States as a country is a laudable effort.Every American citizen should rally behind the course so that our country can be a safe haven to live in.There is a need to further expand our security agents efforts to be able to net the terror agents even across the borders so that the security of our borders is guaranteed further.Crushing all the networks that fund these evil activities will go a long way in ensuring that those who intend to carry out malicious activities are disabled financially.

Patriot Act is the best thing that happened in our country as far as war on terror is concerned.The issues raised by those opposed to the law are legitimate but the security of our beloved people should take precedence of our rights.It is only through this line that we will guarantee freedom for all in this great nation.The law should remain as it is now and in future further efforts should be geared towards strengthening our law enforcement agents so that they can be well equiped to deal with threats from different quarters.

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