Partnerships healthy choice items, such as Smartwater.

Partnerships are also key to identifying and implementing solutions that will last.  Any partnership that Coca-Cola can create with communities, governments and other businesses to help secure water and ensure sustainability will benefit the company’s long-term goals.  In fact, governments and communities can also invest in water funds.  Coca-Cola can encourage others to partner with them to help increase the amount of water being preserved.  Through partnerships and solutions, Coca-Cola can obtain sustainable clean water that will provide water for products for centuries to come.  Formulation for Healthy Lifestyle Challenges Health fads are nothing new.  Coca-Cola has overcome lifestyle changes, diets and fads for over a century without ever losing its hold as the leader in the beverage industry (Our Company, 2017).  However, Coca-Cola’s lower-calorie drinks and healthier options has not yet won over the challenges faced by new health trends.  Even after increasing profit through the introduction of Smartwater, smaller cans and healthier beverages, Coca-Cola continues to struggle globally with accusations of causing obesity.  Campaigns and ads that Coca-Cola creates out about being healthy seem like an oxy-moron to consumers who know the “original” brand.  It is also counteractive to fight governments on taxes on sugary drinks and laws for health choices while also trying to prove to consumers that the company is pushing for healthier choices and meet their needs.  Looking at the needs and wants of the current target market, healthier choices should be promoted more than the high sugary drinks.  The one brand strategy should also apply to the healthy choice items, such as Smartwater.  During interviews with consumers at a local gas station, not one realized that Smartwater was a Coca-Cola product (Personal communication, November 27, 2017).  Consumers that are loyal to the brand will buy the brand, but buy what they are looking for to meet their current lifestyle needs.  If consumers are looking for a healthier option, they will be more apt to buy the Smartwater over a different brand if they know it has the Coca-Cola label.  However, if they are looking for a sweet drink, they can buy the original Coca-Cola.  Another solution to address this challenge is to add additional products that meet the health needs and wants of consumers.  This will be addressed more in the next section.  Supporting governments and local communities in their goals to encourage a healthy lifestyle would be wise considering this is the current trend.  It is also likely that this trend will be around for a long time.  It would also be beneficial to have doctors, health professionals, and even government officials promote the healthier products for the company, such as Smartwater and low-calorie drinks in order to increase business.  Focusing on the needs of consumers, communities and governments will help Coca-Cola improve and flourish in the market.  Formulation for Staying Relevant When all products in the beverage industry were pretty simple, Coca-Cola did not have to work as much in the innovation department.  Add some different flavors and packaging and the company was golden.  However, changes in what consumers want have created a major challenge for Coca-Cola.  For example, when energy drinks first came out, Coca-Cola could have jumped in and took the lead in this market.  Instead, the company took a back seat and paid for it (Competitors, 2017).  Coca-Cola has made a step in the right direction by creating a partnership with Green Mountain Coffee Roasters.  This is showing that the company is interested in the rising changes in consumer desires.  Coffee and tea have become more popular and have threatened Coca-Cola’s sales in the beverage industry (Taylor, 2016).  In order to stay relevant and keep up with the changing cultural desires of new generations, Coca-Cola needs to come up with new products.  Coffee and tea have become increasingly popular as well as nutritional shakes and bars.  Adding these products to the line will draw in the consumers and even regain previous consumers who are now looking for healthy alternatives.  This would be a good time for Coca-Cola to do something that is bold and different.  Coca-Cola has never offered food items before and this would be a good time to provide a healthy choice that is not related to beverages, but renews the company’s brand.  They need to do something that Starbuck’s is not considering that is the rising competition.  Starbucks offers coffees, teas, and fruit shakes, all which focus on the current cultural trends.  However, many of Starbuck’s food items are high in sugar and sweet.  Even their coffees are sugary and sweet.  This is where Coca-Cola can jump in and offer food items that a healthy as well delicious.  This strategy could help the company increase profits and help it gain an advantage over other businesses.  By addressing these three major challenges, Coca-Cola could rise to be ahead in the global market to a point that no other company could match it.  These are all challenges that the company is hoping to address.  These strategies not only address the challenges but meet the company’s vision and mission statements as outlined in previous sections.  These formulation strategies will help Coca-Cola meet the company’s goals by 2020 and improve profits and overall brand utilization.