Padang Panjang as Tourism Object Destination Essay

Padang Panjang located between Padang City and Bukittinggi cross road of Sumatera. Padang Panjang, is the one of coolest city in West Sumatera after Alahan Panjang. We should bring a jacket if you wanna go outside at night especially. I think Padang Panjang should be launch to over the world because, it has many tourism objects and the citizen of Padang Panjang city has a good morale to each tourist that visiting Padang Panjang.

And in this opportunitiy, I’ll introduce to you whats Padang Panjang look likes especially at tourism destination objects. The fisrt one, I’ll introduce to you about MIFAN ( Minang Fantasy ), located at Silaing Atas in Padang Panjang City, it has many playing objects such as Flying Fox, Water Boom, Roller Coaster, Futsal Field, and many thing that you’ll find at MIFAN. The insert cost to MIFAN is pretty expensive, about IDR 35. 000 at ordinary day and IDR 50. 00 at holiday, but the expensiveness of the insert will be pay by the facilities that you can play and enjoy at MIFAN. You can play in this place as want as you like. The second one is Lubuk Mata Kucing, located at Pasa Usang in Padang Panjang. You know, Lubuk Mata Kucing is oldest tourism destination object in Padang Panjang, it was exist since 1956 until now. The fresh water comes from Singgalang Mountain, you’ll not be regret if you jump your body into the fresh water that makes your body cold and fresh.

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The insert is very cheap, about IDR 2. 500 for all days because the facilities of this place is careless cause of the existenses of MIFAN that I’ve told you before. It can be alternative if you want to swim at the swimming pool but you haven’t enough money to enter MIFAN . The third object is Marapi Mountain. Marapi Mountain is the one of many volcanoes that still active until nowaday in Western Sumatera. Located at Koto Baru Tanah Datar. If you are the person who like challenges, adventures and love nature sight, it’s the right place to visit.

Indeed, it would be exhausting to reach the top of mountain, but it will be disappear if you could see the sight from that. To additional of my paragraph, did you know Padang Panjang is the city with many Islamic Boarding Schools there, such as Nurul Ikhlas, Serambi Mekah, Thawalib Putera, Dinniyah Puteri, Thawalib Puteri, and Al-Hira. From that explanations I can take a conclution. And my conclution is Padang Panjang is the most precisious City that has many tourism object and Islamic Boarding School. I love Padang Panjang very much.