Over different societies consider the new norms

Over the year’s television shows has changed our perspective of the society around us. However, television shows had also been able to illustrate the way different societies consider the new norms to be as well illustrates the core value of American society. The television series Modern family has been on ABC since 2009 and continues to be on top charts for entertainment. modern family has allowed the audience to view the new structure of a twenty-first-century family. The attended audience to be adolescence and older has been able to create a large following in the entertainment world. The TV-show highlights many different sociology perspectives and theory such as a functionalist theory of the different family structure, blending of culture as well as gender roles. There three different range of families is some of the most common families in North America. Firstly, the typical version of an American family Claire and Phil the married couple that dresses conservatively who have three children. Even though Claire and Phil portray the happy traditional family their two daughters Haley and Alex. Haley, lives up her high school years participating in multiple acts of deviance getting such as being drunk at her prom, sneaking out of the house, skipping class and other different rebellious acts. Whereas her sister Alex shows an example of the perfect child that has good grades, obeys her parents and the law unlike her sister Haley. secondly, the divorced parent who has been remarried  jay a Caucasian older male and his new wife  Gloria who is Columbia show the acceptance of interracial marriage. Even though the idea of interracial marriages has not been accepted over the years the show modern family tries to blend the different cultures and people into a happy family. Lastly, the show also addresses American attitudes towards gay marriage. on of the few characters in the show, Cameron and Mitchell that are in a same-sex marriage are able to give American a new view of the new norm.