Once decide to sleep early and end

Once in a while (OK, Always), I decide to sleep early and end up waking up the whole night watching a movie or a TV show. As a result, I get dark circles which causes face to look tired. To the rescue, comes M.A.C conceal and correct duo.There are four combinations in this duo. Sorted from lighter shades to darker shades. Before buying this product, check the skin tone prescribed to predict which combination works the best.1. Pale Yellow – Pale Peach2. Mid Yellow – Mid Peach3. Rich yellow – Pure orange4. Pure Orange – OchreM·A·C Studio Conceal and Correct Duo Description:This is a professional duo of two complementary corrector shades for customized skincare correction. Identify your ideal skin tone in pairs of blendable shades in four new color combinations: Light,  Deep Medium, Medium, and Dark. This products is packed with Shea butter and vitamins E and C, the creamy formula evens skin tone and visibly the appearance of lines and wrinkles for up to 8 hours.How to apply?They can be directly apply to skin directly from doe foot applicator. The creamy formula blends easily with finger, sponge, buffing brush or concealer brush.M·A·C Studio Conceal and Correct Duo ReviewPackagingThe packaging is useful with orange corrector in one end and yellow brightener on the other end. It is very light weight and portable due to its compact size. You can throw it in your handbag whenever you need it out.Safe to useIt is an Ophthalmologist, Dermatologist and Non-Acnegenic. So, it is completely safe to use.How to use?Mostly people (Myself, sometimes) like to highlight their under-eye areas and use a lighter concealer shade,if dark circles aren’t corrected before concealing, then we get a gray finish. We have so many corrector and concealers on the market. What makes the M.A.C  Conceal and corrector more practical is that it is customization.  We can use it as a corrector for very dark spots. We can use them together to conceal and brighten the under eye area.ApplicationIt has a doe foot applicator for each and it makes it easy for application. The ingredients such as Shea butter and Vitamin E make the product extremely creamy. This makes it easier to blend without effort.ColorThe orange one cancels out those dark areas and works great on those blue, brown and even black dark circle and the yellow is great to cancel out the redness or could also be used as a brightener/highlighter (suitable only for yellow under toned people )PigmentationThe corrector is crazily pigmented but it makes the application and blending process very simple and easy. A little goes a long way. Just three dabs of the product is enough to conceal the eye and a dab in case of hyper pigmentation.The longevity of the product is actually quite impressive. It stays around 9 hours in place. Though it is a creamy product, it does not crease or move. But it may show up fine less if it is not used on a well moisturized face or eyes. Moisturizer is the key for all makeup problems.SwatchesSwatches Left: Burnt orange, Right: Rich yellowKey Claims and BenefitsThe product is Ophthalmologist tested.Immediate and long-term moisturization with continued use.The product is Dermatologist tested.The product is Appropriate for contact lens wearers.It is suitable for all skin types.The product is non-acnegenic.Would I repurchase?Yes, but a little of the product goes a long way, I wont be needing to repurchase it for a while.Would I recommend?If you are under eye makeup junkie or one who has dark circles, then don’t forget to check out this product. It provides customization and is easy to use.Overall Score: 8.5/10 🙂 🙂