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    On January 11, 1755 (or 1757, the exact year is undermined. Historians speculate that Hamilton had lied about his age, which confused the date of his birth.) Alexander Hamilton, one of the most controversial and influential founding fathers, was born. At birth, Hamilton had already been disadvantaged, being the youngest of two illegitimate sons. After he and his brother were left orphaned and penniless after his mother’s death, he was employed by a merchant who gave him the ability to exercise his already existing mathematical understanding and skill. During his employment, he also began his long and illustrious career as a writer, by publishing short poems and essays in a local newspaper, gaining popularity for these writings. Around this time was when Hamilton had written a letter that inspired many businessmen to sponsor his travels to America in pursuit of higher education. Even at the young age that he was during this time, he had proven himself to be a passionate and affluent writer, whose works had moved people to action. When arriving in America, Hamilton was enrolled in college, and participated in many political debates, (often about the independence of America, which was the prominent topic during that time.) Soon, after the official start of the Revolutionary War, Hamilton joined the militia in New York and wrote on behalf of the colonists. Hamilton was then recruited by George Washington, to be his private secretary during the war. He wrote many of Washington’s most important speeches and letters and composed many reports on the reformation of the Continental Army. During Hamilton’s time as George Washington’s advisor, due to the correspondences that Hamilton often had with members of Congress or statesmen, he realized the weaknesses of the Congress that had been established under the Articles of Confederation. He believed that rather than uniting the nation as one, it had instead separated America due to the lack of a stable and strong central government. This belief would be incredibly influential in his writings later on in his life.After the war, Hamilton became a lawyer but became part of the public life once more when a meeting was called to negotiate trade policies and relations between states, which had been operating very much like individual countries during that time. Hamilton was the one who proposed and drafted the resolution that called to replace the Articles of Confederation entirely. Due to his resolution, the drafting of the Constitution then took place. Although he did not have a large role in the drafting of the constitution, he did have a prominent role in improving the public’s opinion of it in hopes to see the Constitution ratified.