Of the lowest fare, to avoid the

course, it’s recommended to check out worthy and best deals on flights, hotels,
cabs and fun-related activities, before planning out an outdoor vacation. Especially
for people who’d love to explore every inch of the world, the art of budgeting
is quite essential. Whether it’s searching out the affordable-cum-reasonable accommodation,
eateries, places to explore or adventurous activities, these travel freaks dig deep
into the internet trenches to crack the best prices available.

it’s wise to create your travel plan in a budget-friendly range, sometimes the
value of putting in a bit more cash is surely worth a more enriching experience.
There will be many situations where one shouldn’t feel guilty or hesitant to
splurge on during travelling, and peep down for some of those.

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are suggested by a frequent world-traveller.

1: “Time Is Not Measured By Clocks,
But By Moments”

kick-starting any travel trip, we’d naturally research and book the cheapest
flight possible, but if you’re aiming for a quality excursion, the duration is
also as important as the ticket fare. Suppose we look into flights from
Hyderabad to Dubai, the ticket would cost at max 1000-2000 INR extra than the
lowest fare, to avoid the 1-stop connection and reach the destination pretty
soon. By paying this marginal amount, you get to spend more hours in your
travel place with more exploration than planned.

about it in this aspect: the lesser the travel time, the fewer the delays, the
lesser the stress and the fewer the hours roaming clueless in the airport

“Activity Is Not Important, The Experience Is Prime”

psychology professor Thomas Gilovich suggested people to spend money on
experiences rather than buying fancy things. This can be perfectly explained by
a small conversation between a mother and a son.

both went on a family trip to Goa. As she ordered a 400-rupees cocktail, the
son gave a disdained look. He said “I’m not paying 400 rupees for this simple
cocktail”. The, she replied “I’m paying 400 rupees for the opportunity to drink
this beverage in pleasant sunshine with a lovely view of the Goa beach”.

the feel and rare experience that matters, not forking a few additional bucks. When
visiting a foreign place, it’s better to enjoy and explore as much as possible,
as it might be an once-in-a-lifetime trip. Like many splurges, spending more
for the experience is healthy in moderation.

3: “A Guided Tour Should Be
Included In Your Travel Plan”

tour can only be successful if you’ve reasonably explored & fully known
about the visited place. Travelling with an open mind, meeting new faces and
places, brings forth new chances to learn and grow. And this can be possible
only with a guided tour which helps in saving time and grabbing more out of the
meaningful experience.

from providing valuable information with a local’s perceptive, the tourist
guides can often take you to special places which could be ignored by you
otherwise. Also, if you’re part of a big tourist group, you can easily skip the
huge lines and have a comfortable outing. So don’t hesitate to splurge money on
knowledge and hire knowledgeable guide at all necessary places.

4: “Don’t miss out on those rare, once-in-a-lifetime

to foreign countries are mostly once-in-a-lifetime journeys for majority of
average Indians as we won’t give/get a second chance that easy. (Also we don’t
like to visit same place again) Sometimes, there might be expiration dates for age-old
monuments or limited-period public view for historical constructions. The
region might also observe environmental issues which could stop tourists from
enjoying its offerings.

the right time to tour these places to grab the maximum advantage and don’t let
the exciting travel experiences pass by.

When it comes to travel, don’t
always think about the budget. The enriching experience and the memories which
come with it should be taken into consideration as well.