Oedipus of the king Essay

            It is often easy to fault people who rely upon their lucky stars to dictate their future.  With the changing times and the reliance on empirical research, it is difficult to sympathize with the characters in Oedipus the King who generally, and perhaps literally, left their fate to the Gods.  In the tale of Oedipus the King, the readers are given a scenario where the future holds no part for self-determination.  It is established early on that the events that transpire were already written in the stars, so to speak, and the actors merely had to play out their parts and no matter how hard they might try their destiny would be undeniable and unchangeable.  As such, given this scenario, can Oedipus then be faulted for the outcome of his fate?

            Crucial to answering this question is determining the advice that Oedipus followed in an attempt to elude his fate.  The advice of the sages and the oracles was something that was considered as law during these times.  The wonderful verifiable nature of science was non-existent and was widely regarded as sorcery and trickery that could not be trusted.  It would be crazy not to follow the advice of the sages because this would run counter to the will of the gods.  In believing the advice of the sages, Oedipus merely did what any rational person, at that time, would do.  The conundrum that Oedipus was placed in places Oedipus at a disadvantage since the only way that the he could find out the veracity of the statement was by seeking out the truth.  As the personification of the age old adage, damned if you do, damned if you don’t, Oedipus had no choice but to live out his fate as the events in the book show that even when he was trying to avoid his fate he invariable ended up fulfilling the oracles premonitions.

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In response to the question on whether or not he should be faulted for his fate, it seems difficult to fault a man who merely tried to look out for himself relying on the best advice that was available to him at that time.  One cannot really fault the guy because he literally did not know any better.