n market investigations. You cannot even think

n a fast-moving world, we have a variety of goods to select. The more options you can choose, the more doubts you have. When it comes to this point, the advertisement is taking the control.  What is more,  we are forced to buy even more than we need.Globalization, as it is, blurred limits and free access to miscellaneous resources brought us to a freedom of choice. It gave us the opportunity to compare and to prefer one product to another, however, at the same time it sharpened the rivals battles on the ads market. These battles became so furious and sometimes they aim not to convince you, but to force to buy.  Today advertisement includes not only a spotless picture but also psychological techniques, sociological studies, and market investigations. You cannot even think about the fact when you are watching a morning TV show, the ads that are on, do not appear randomly. For example, the investigations showed that men create the majority of viewers before 8 AM, and women get ads for them mostly after 8 AM. Campaigns target your wallet and power of will giving you a product you do not need. However, there is always a silver lining.  We are pretending us liking a product as the brand is taking much attention. The brand-new iPhone can become a dream of the whole life when there are other options, maybe cheaper, maybe more convenient for you. What is more, we live in the society, when the brand claims to be a high-paid brand and admit making money on the icon mostly. What can be more convincing than it? I believe, we became victims in some way. For example, when a person is a brand becoming an idol. For instance, bloggers. Creating the colorful world with unbelievable images, these guys promote their own ideas and attract followers from all over the world. Unfortunately, sometimes, these ideas can be ‘ordered’ by companies in order to sell a product just because she or he is using it. People intend buying goods in such a way. To sum up, smart ways to sell a product do not target our needs but the business success and huge income. Even if the product is not that useful/ necessary/ healthy, the chances are we will buy just in case or because it was used by imagined Mr. Black.  It is important not to get lost in the world of choices.