My European Business law It is obvious


My name is Sandesh Basnet, born as a third child of my parents on May 19, 1993, in a remote village of Tehrathum district, east-north part of Nepal. Then I was brought to the capital city, Kathmandu for my school level and higher-level studies, nearly 307 Miles away from my birthplace and my parents. I graduated from Nepal Law Campus Tribhuvan University in 2016 in BA.LL. B (Bachelor in Arts Bachelor in Law) a five years dual degree program with the flying colors, an aggregated 65.57% in the whole total. Before that, I had completed my school level and intermediate level studies in the year 2009 (with 80.75%) and 2011 (72.70%) respectively.


I would like to apply for the fall intake (August 2018) at Lund University in master programme in European Business Law. The course I am applying is an excellent match with my interest, academics and my career envisage.  Five years of dual degree (B.A LL. B) has brought understanding and clarity on me about business law and business jurisprudence. During my law graduation, among many subjects, we studied subjects like Company and Corporation Law and Law of Banking and Negotiable Instruments (taught in 5th year with 100 and 50 full marks respectively), Taxation Law and Labor Law (in 4th year), Law of Contract and Property Law (in 3rd year), and Economics in 2nd year. These have brought more clarity about my understanding in business law vis-a-vis business jurisprudence.

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On the other hand, I have held the position of legal office and eventually an Associate after acquiring advocate license from Nepal Bar Association (3rd September 2017), at Kachahari Legal Chamber, Kathmandu. During my engagement on the law firm, I was involved in documentation, drafting, legal research and analysis, labor issues and company incorporation and corporation issues, basically related to Nepalese practice. This broadened my experience regarding business law.


In the past couple of years, Nepal is developing her economy in a faster pace. As the speed has been increasing in the business activities, the cruciality of business law has also grown.



Thus, I would like to pursue my master’s degree in European Business Law program at your reputed university. European Union is one of the world’s largest and most significant economies. Learning European Business law It is obvious that if I got a chance to enroll here I would expose my great potentiality.

I am looking forward for the positive response and really excited to become an asset to the Lund University. Thank you in advance.



Sandesh Basnet

Kathmandu, Nepal    

[email protected]