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MusicMusichello guys is a really important videothat I feel very passionate about so I’mvery excited to be speaking aboutthey’re going to be talking aboutconsciousness so when I do these kind oftalking videos though it’s likeintuition consciousness positivity thelevel of whatever the kind of topic isabout the crux of it always has to dowith allowing you to live a morepositive happy life doing something youlove just interesting the things youwant to attract like it’s all about justliving your best life so no matter whattype of topic it is they all cometogether and help you get that I hopethat made sense I’m not sure because Iwish I could just make one whole entirevideo saying and this is how to betteryour life I could do look at a literallike two hour long video if you guyslike that but there’s so many differentsections to it there’s so many differenttools that I use personally to do thatand they all kind of build on top ofeach other and they all equally matterso I think I’ll split them up into looksmall videos but I just thought stepstarting with 22 you guys how to becomemore conscious or how to tap back intoyour consciousness would be a reallygreat size it just seems to be reallyrelevant right now so many peoplemessaging me about it I’ve had to help alot of friends through this right nowexplain to us why being conscious andwhy tapping into your consciousness is agood thing when you are conscious andyou are aware of your surroundings awareof how you feel aware of the peoplearound you it enables you to helpyourself morewhether that’s positivity was up doingprojects whether that’s with districtingthe things you want like yourconsciousness is like the ruler of thatit allows you to tap into your intuitionand love like this what I mean like thelist goes on it all connects to eachother but tapping into yourconsciousness will help with everythingin life and it just helps you becomecloser to yourself and that is soimportant because as I always say myvideos I think self love and self worthand being able to be by yourself is justthe greatest thing or yes let’s justI’ve ever oh my godalso how cute in point notebook is my mynotebook from Hawaii like I hate when Igo on airplanes I have a flat andthere’s like lots of businessmen andthey all like without their laptop sothey’re like really nice looking diariesand I whip out there’s like no chowderall the other night I just sat down andwhat really passionate about this I’vejust been speaking to a friend about howto tap into a consciousness more and howto really start changing her lifebecause she had fallen into a bit of ahole a bit of a rut which it was like Ijust don’t know how to move I can’t Ican’t see anything clearly I’m so foggedand I was like okay okay there we gochill take a breaththere are things we can do here we can Ijust step by step by step so this is mystep by step by step on what I do andthe advice that I give my friends firststep listen really listen as simple asthat when someone sits in running and isspeaking to you whether it’s absolutewhether it’s a really beautifulstory about their boyfriend story abouthow bad that they was like and lookthem in the eye and listen takeinspiration from that learn somethingfrom thatanalyze them through that get to knowhumans more get to know the people inyour life more you don’t have to put allyour energy into it and suck up anynegative stuff but just listen and bethere and be supportive but listen tofeel you know I feel like I learn bestwhen I talk to people I’m not a verylike textbook type of girl and I can’treally follow words well but when peopletalk to me and they teach me somethingthrough their words I can just that’show I learn better through listening andletting it affect me whether that makesme angry sad happy like it all it’s allsomething it’s all something to takenote of the second thing you shouldlisten for is listen to yourself listento your heart like really when you gointo a situation somewhere and you’rekind of conflicted or you’re tornbetween something or you want to do itand you pursue a new job and your mind’stelling you look your mind’s literallyjust trying to stop you every way don’tever look like it’s just yapping awayand you’re like oh my god I can’t Ican’t hear anything I can’t figure outwhat I want to do listen to your heartwhat does it tell you sit with yourselfand just be like what what what is itand this comes into into intuition butI’m just talking about like generallylike listening to what your body tellsyou if it reacts in a certain way liketake into consideration everything inyour body not just not just what yourmind tells you is everything and themore you can really listen to where yourheart sends you or what it tells you itwants I justsome people say like they’re guysthey’ve got you know they’ve got in sinktheir stomach stomach and heart whateverlike you feel something in here whenyou’re really effective and when theright message comes back just I don’tknow how many of an explainer is justtrust in there it’s like really it takespractice it takes focus sometimes to sitand be like what is itwhat is it telling me and even if off welike to give me like a symbol give me asign like what is it and you’ll be ableto slowly really feel when it sends youin a certain way number two meditate andbreathe like we all sometimes justforget to breathe even though way wesubconsciously breathe obviously everyday stay alive we’re breathing but do weever just sit and allow our breath tojust like ah ma let it send to you youreally and this has to do a meditation -meditation is a lot about the breath andjust focusing on your breath and beingstill doing temes and meditation a dayjust doing at least five minutes ortaking just a minute in the shower legsto just put your head up and just do abig breath let it go in through yourwhole entire body your body just freezesand it just has this moment of like timealmost stops and you’re relaxed andyou’re calm and in that moment yourfolks Center in the present and that’swhy you can kind of calm yourself moreand more information kind of comes toyou I feel like when you’re in thatstate of being I’m obviously not goingto that’s a lot about meditation that’sanother side track if you know aboutmeditation I really highly recommend doit every day just write it down set analarm on your phone and just 10 to 15minutes like you just don’t even knowhow much it really helps but the moreyou keep doing it you’re like well I’mbecoming like a Jedi like okay I feellike I’m transcending we’re all you’regoing to feel very calm those reactivewhat it is stressed and then it’s thenicest thing to know that if you dostart feeling reactive or stressed orangry or anxious you can just takeyourself aside for like 10 to 15 minutes20 minutes 30 minutes and just sit andmeditate and I promise you’ll feelbetter after that I also just wroteunder this about breath allow thestillness of your breath to cleansenegative thoughts and fear nothing canhurt you or stop you on this pathbesides yourself so I always remindmyself that when I’m stressed or if Istart feeling anxious when I sit andmeditate I just remind myself that therewas nothing hurting me and that the onlyperson that is allowing myself to feelthis way of my is me and the only personthat can stop me from achievingsomething that I really want is myselftoo so yeah that’s a very centering sortof because it comes back to youvarrick’s point is health guys lookafter yourselfeat good food and please move your bodyyou don’t even know how helpful movingyour body is like I know that exercisecan be daunting and knowingand just like it’s like best some days Iwake up and I’m like no I just think Idon’t want to go sweat today I’m goingto put it in this this way think aboutit every day we eat food we’reconstantly putting stuff into into ourbody sometimes selves we don’t know whatthe freakin ingredients are we don’tknow what preservatives and spray no nowe don’t even know what we’re reallyputting our body half the time let’s bereal like there’s so much face kind offood you know your body is doing so muchfor you all the timeit’s constantly on and even when yousleep it’s doing you know like it’sjust taken away so give your body a bitof a rejuvenation and a little presentback to say thank you by moving itit needs a way to clear out all theexcess crust that it doesn’t need inthere anymore otherwise it’s going toget stuck in there and just like staleenergy that you might hold in yourenergy field in your mind it’s just likeif you’ve got to suck in your stomachsomewhere in your arms or live somewherelike it needs a release throughexercising whether that’s yoga I justsometimes I just walk like I love justwalking like 30 minutes and I’m like I’mcleanse I’m pure exercise gives you likea natural high and over time it justkeeps building and building theserotonin levels in your body feel likewhen you exercise sometimes your bodyalso goes on to order flight mode soyou’re kind of meditating at the sametime as you exercise it cleanses yourmind well it comes your body and it’sjust moving it was just so so good Ijust recently started doing yoga and forabout six five months now I would wakeup and be like cardio you should reallysign up for yoga you should look upwhere we go to you in Sydney is maybelike yeah yeah like I’ll do it later butI had this recurring message in my mindlike do yoga and as much as it whichlike fried the out of me becauseI’ve been to yoga shoes beforeeveryone’s very like a yogi like it’sover and I hate that I’m like so I getso shy and I’m like uh-huh and I I don’tI don’t know how to do guys I like Ionly justdotted but my friend Lola was like heylet’s go do yoga like let’s go to a hotyoga session I have a great studio Ithink you’ll love it so I feel asleeplike yes you do this so I went with herone night and we did an hour of hot yogaI it was like a tricky kind of classlike it was like you know not forbeginners it was fast pace so it wasmoves in there that I was I had no ideaI just threw myself into it and foundthis new loveI’m literally addicted I can tell youguys I signed up for like the unlimitedone month pause before I go back to LAand like I’ve been every single daysince and when I leave club I know thatmy mind and my body gets clipper sayslike thank you for that car you’re likegood and I feel good from it and I feellighter and I feel more efficient withmy timenext point number one two three four avery important point reflection this maydiffer per person you know everyonereflects in a different way whetherthat’s verbally reflecting speaking tosomeone telling someone how you feel orjust having a conversation aboutsomething journaling that’s my preferredway of reflection I love generally Iswear by journaling I feel like when youput a pen to paper you let your minddrift and your hand just goes somethingelse speaks I don’t know like soundslike voodoo like huh who’s talkinggardial I guess the random person justentered my body but like I’m not evenfreaking kidding you like when you justlet it go and you just lit onto a pieceof paper I feel like I solve every issuethat I have going on in my mind in thatone sitting of like journaling and also- such a nice way to document thingswhen you look back at it if there’ssomething so beautiful and when it’swritten in word it’s just so powerful noright way to do it everyone oil sesameAcademy general which I say what’s anexample I’m like here let me justrelease my journals online you guys gosee all what’s going on the gear is acontrol like you could do anything likeart is a way of reflection creatingfilms the way poetry I love writingpoetry when I’m feelingdramatic like in a less dramatic sidegirl and I just write out all myfeelings in for some weird reason whenyou we express through words a feelingthat someone else can relate to it justmakes you feel confident and like it’sjust the best and they know how toexplain itand I wrote below that write journalcreate art as an outlet for your emotionand feelings honor your feelings andthen let them move on so it’s soimportant I think journaling helps orart or just reflection in general helpsyou go okaybit this happened and this is how itmade me feel this is how I want toprogress from this moment and now I’mgoing to let it go and then you get toprogress in your life and this is wherepeople get stuck is because they’reholding on to old feelings old emotionsold memories of just something you justdon’t need to is crowding the space inhere so instead remove it put it intoyour journal and then you’ve still gotit you’re not removing it forever likesaving you on the hard drive you know0.55 a long time we’re going to a longtime spend time alone actually I don’tknow what a lot of people I speak toactually really love a long time it’slike for me it was just really a hardthing to try and be good at but I’llread out what I wrote first and thenplanet bubbles like my main claim has tofind comfort in your presence after allthis is your vessel for life find joywith himself and with your in solitudehelps you to tap into your highest selfthat hovers above you and it reallyhelps to open your consciousness mybiggest struggle I always feel is afterI go traveling or after I’ve been withthe bigger people or with someone forlike a week or two weeks straight orI’ve been partying a lot and then I comehome and I’m literally just working andI’m alone I will get home and I’llsuddenly sick and so lonely I exhaustedlike my life is just a mess I need to Ineed to move I need someone around melike oh my god like I have no friendslike I know I have nothing in my lifelike all myand I literally start going into turmoilin my mind because I start to go on withthe order panic button instead of justsitting with myself and saying like waita minutetap back in tap back in so my best tipis if you you’re like me and you feellike that the more time you practicebeing alone the easier it gets and thebenefits of spending time alone is justthat you can really hear yourself speakyou can hear you I always refer to myconsciousness not being anywhere in mybody I recited my consciousness beingright above me like this myconsciousness is all around my bodies inthis spaceI don’t know how what level ofspirituality you are on is still youdon’t have to believe in what I’m sayingthis is my own made-up thing it’s what Ipersonally feel in my body but you canlink this without whatever you feel likeyour consciousness is maybe yourconsciousness is in your chest maybeit’s in your legs or your arms your eyesit can be anywhere for you I don’t knowbut when you’re alone you can hear whatyour consciousness is telling you betterand you can also just I don’t know havemore fun with yourself you realize thatlike this body I’m in this person thatis sitting in this room this is me andI’m saying I always say like web-onealone we die aloneso you manzil get to know yourself twoyears I didn’t get to know myself I hadno idea who I was I never spoke tomyself I never listened to myself all Idid was interact with other people andwas kind of just and we just caught itwas just thereI had fun and I don’t you know whateverI wasn’t like I was so happy but Ididn’t really ever tap in if my justcrazy like being alone helps me to tapin check out be like what do I need do Ineed to eat some broccoli like do I needa banana do I need some waterdo I need to go to the beach what do Ineed right now do I need to go read abook do I need to have a ball should Icall my mom to 10:00 p.m. examples butit just helps I don’t know and it justmakes you more independent and it helpsyou grow andand can you just learn point six thisone might not be for everyone it dependson what level of spirituality or whatlevel your consciousness is currently onand how much sense this might make youthis might make no sense to some peopleI might sound really crazy after thisvideo but I’m just going to say thisanyways because if you’re on this levelyou might get and it’s not about it youknow on this level you’re understandit’s not that old if people will beaffected by everything I say definitelybeen just this is just something I thinkis helpful to becoming more consciousand that is believe in magic it’s onlythe hardest thing on this list it is areally hard thing to do because we havebeen born into a world where societytells us that everything is mathematicaland calculated and planned and learnedobservers but the more you actually openyour consciousness and you start to seesigns and things and synchronicitiesyou’ll actually see that magic is realand manifestation creates magic Law ofAttraction you can make magic happen inyour life like everything is so magicalmy right nut associations when I justput something out there that I want likemy god I wish I could make a video aboutall the stuff that’s happened to me thatI have said like it’s like reallypersonal stuff that I’m just like youguys don’t like I’m not going to babbleon about like well this magical stuffhas happened to me but I put my lifedown to literally magic and just havingfaith in and having belief that there issomething bigger than me that is helpingme out and that if I put the rightenergy are they gonna foster it hit meget someone whoever I don’t know if it’sa god or it’s a it’s a higher presenceor just its energy field they hear youthey see you and if you have faith inthem and when I say them personally tome I save them referring to the universeand say them referring to energy but Ialso really do believe in angels Ireally believe that there’s spiritsaround us I’ve had so many experienceswith science from angels I feel so manysignals around me when I just have faiththat there is more to life than justhumans and if there’s more to life thanjust what you know black and white andwhat we see in front of us there’s areally mystical realm and it’s not likeit’s not something you have to believeand I just feel like it’s not onlyreally hire me to talk about the meaningopen and honest with you guys andtelling you like what I believe in um Ithink it can help a lot of people and italso just is really cool stuff I’vehonestly experienced some crazy todo with all of this and it’s stillshocking to me and I still I’m like howis this self real but personally I’veexperienced it like I’ve had my owncareer and also whether you’re religiouswhen you believe in God and you you knowyou’re Catholic or your whatever you’reBuddhist or using any religion as welllike all the stuff applies like religionand spirituality is not that far fromeach other it’s just we all believe inlike a higher power and a presence andso there’s no exclusion here you knowit’s everyone’s own personal beliefs isso fun and so welcomed and that’s socool to have your own belief or maybeyou don’t believe in anything at all andyou’re just like not we just hear itlike that’s fine to make what you cantake from any of this any of this adviceand just be like I’ll take that I’lltake that and like because this is thething that like people have wars overthat they just can’t accept that somepeople are differentto each other we’re not all supposed tobe the same like I’ll be so boringit will also be stupid there’d be nopoint to life we’re all so unique andbrave individual things you have whichyou’ll find when you open yourconsciousness more the seventh is onthat I personally struggle with the mostand that is patience patience for me ismy biggest challenge and I’m alwaysconstantly thrown tests from theuniverse to really test my patience ofhow much the cardia want this is shegoing to wait it out or is she going totry and cheat the systemI also under patients I wrote pluspractice doing all these things revolvespractice I have patients in this bityour consciousness will slowly open andthrough this your happiness will slowlycome and thenhappiness slowly coming Dizzy’s eyesthat you really hope from the life youreally want to live will come but itrequires patience and then I just wrotethese skills form over time there is norush everything happens exactly when itshould and you just have to believe inthat any time I start freaking out or Icall my friends line this wasn’t so badI don’t know what to do when I thoughtblustering like this they’re always justlike Katya patient it’s gonna happen youhave to believe in there that it’s goingto have to put a wrap this up with mylast point and I’m not going to expandon the last plant I’m just going toleave it at that because it’s somethingI’ll speak about in another videosometimes but the last thing I justwrote before I ended it with be fueledby passion and love because they aresome of the most powerful things Ibelieve that we have within us and youcan never go wrong when you’re fueled bythose two things so I have I have noidea what I’ve just said I just had afeeling that I needed to speak aboutthis um I’m super passionate about allthis stuff this is what I do in my lifeand it doesn’t you don’t have to do anyon this is just my tips tools and wackytricks I hope it might have helped someof you a little bit though um or givingyou some insightit just doesn’t into a little bit moreabout me and yeah also my happinesscomes from a lot of that has helped mereally get to such a point where I canlift my mood really easily thank youguys so much for watching it reallymeans a lot to me if you watch it allthe way to the end leave any commentsbelow what you thought or your tips tobecoming more consciousthere’s also many more there’s just thefirst two I thought of they’ll be morevideos like this soon so yeah I love youall so much has the most beautiful dayand I will see you next timeMusicApplause