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mind but his desires to keep the community’s youth safe. When a conflict choosing to conform or to pursue personal desires we often look for external approval from peers and family to shape our decision on how we should respond. The reality is to find true happiness we should ask ourselves and follow what our hearts want even though it may lead us to be marginalized from society at the end of the day it is the happiness of our minds that matters. In our modern day and age, there is a very scarce amount of individuals who pursue their goals because of the constraints that society has placed on us. As individual born outside of Canada the ideals of conforming are more enforced as result of the environment one is born into. Being born in an underdeveloped part of Pakistan, primarily a small village in the northern regions of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, I had the pleasure of learning about my culture and heritage when I visited in grade 8.My time in Pakistan was one of the best experience in my lifetime it was an enlightening experience to see where I originate from. I also learned the main defect in our society, the lack of education that existed in the village children were deprived of an education and forced to conform to society and as result, they lacked the opportunity of personal desires. I came to the realization that if it wasn’t for my grandfather to attain an education in the circumstance that he did I wouldn’t be where I am today. My grandfather’s desires to gain an education in such a constraint society were truly something that is far better than conforming. The education that my grandfather got was the main reason that my father was able to attain one as well because of the influence that my grandfather had on him. Often times society may deem individuals as social outcasts but we as intellects have to realize that just because one does not follow the customs the society doesn’t necessarily mean they are on the wrong path but rather on the right path to success. Individuals that strive for their personal desire for the greater good of the community are like plants that grow in concrete that resist the influence and force of the concrete. Laroche was the plant that grew on concrete resisting societal norms; he found that his desires were more fulfilling than the acceptance of society. My grandfather’s fight to attain an education was far more benefiting for the future of our generation rather than going with the flow of society. In our society, there are many perceptions of what an individual should be and as result, they often leave their desires in the shadows. It is far better to live a life with fulfillment than to live the life that someone else has left behind for you. Conforming to a society is not what man needs; instead his goal is to progress further outside society’s boundaries and experience his own personal interests.