Macbeths Literary Elements Essay

William Shakespeare’s uses of literary elements are evident all throughout the play. In Act 2 Shakespeare uses many forms of symbolism and notable quotes to express his ideas. His use of metaphors and similes help construct his play. Act 2 really portrays the exploration of comic relief, conflict and metaphorical thoughts. Comic relief allowed Shakespeare to include elements of humour throughout the play, that otherwise was generally serious. These humorous interludes give the audience a rest from the dramatic and serious tension of the story.

The Porter scene in Act 2 displays how after arguably the most serious turning point in the play “Duncan’s Murder” comic relief is used. Porter makes a quirky remark “were partying till 3. AM and drinking all night. ” These interludes are important to plays of tragedy as it’s a break for the audience from all the serious issues involved. With Macbeth carrying so much dramatic tension, Shakespeare cleverly included various comic relief characters to express his humorous side. Conflict is what creates drama and tension in any story, play or film.

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Shakespeare used 2 different forms of conflict in his writing. Internal conflict deals with an individual’s mental struggle with their conscience and morality. External conflict displays a struggle with an individual and an outside force. For example Macbeth’s external conflict with Lady Macbeth transpired from Lady Macbeths desire to be ruthless and power hungry. We see as Lady Macbeth seductively influences Macbeth to murder the King for ultimate greatness. This conflict was created from an outside force being Lady Macbeth, and this was how Shakespeare wanted her to be portrayed through his writing.

Macbeth suffers from internal conflict as he is in a battle with his mind. His conscience initially dictated his decisions, but this whole notion of becoming king plagued his mind. Therefore leading him to turn against himself and murder King Duncan. Metaphorical statements and thoughts are vastly used in Act 2 and throughout Macbeth’s play. Macbeth is often making statements with different interpretations and meanings behind them. A prime example of this in Act 2 is right after the murder of King Duncan where Macbeth’s guilty conscience begins to mess with him.

He goes on saying “Macbeth does murder sleep. ” This phrase can’t be interpreted literally, as Shakespeare’s underlying message must be carefully thought through. Shakespeare is trying to indicate that Macbeth can no longer have an innocent mind which therefore causes the murder of his sleep. Murdering sleep can be interpreted as the murder of his sane mind and morality. He no longer can sleep as his mind is overwhelmed and plagued with guilt. Shakespeare uses a lot of these metaphorical statements, which vastly enhances the description of the play.