Lying arouse others to do something. For

Lying almost always complicates the
relationship between people. Each person lies
from the moment he realizes that it can be done. It is not always pleasant,
to tell the truth. However, lying is
rarely the right way to protect. Since childhood, parents have taught us
not to lie, and it is not always so easy, even with age, but you can avoid lying
to yourself by working on yourself.

Understand the cause of the lie

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Before you learn how not to lie, you need to know
the reason why you want to hide the truth. There can be several. Sometimes
people lie to arouse others to do something. For example- you have since
childhood come to the realization that it is easier to lie once and get what
you want rather than to go on a long and honest path. But working on
yourself can really change your life, and for this, you do not need to hide something.

The second reason that causes the lies is to show yourself
to be better than others. That is, you do it to be competitive, ambitious and
look better. Another reason people
may hide the truth — consolation.

Plan to control yourself

To stop lying, you
need to approach your actions methodically, which means that you need a plan.
Pay attention to whom you are lying to and in what situations. You will be
surprised, but the lie appears naturally. It provokes, for example,
failures at work or study, feelings that you are experiencing for some person,
or you hide the truth from specific people. You can conclude, for example, failure at work makes me lie to my
father that everything is fine. I do not hide the truth from others. So,
we need to eliminate the problem: to change the place of work to where you will
get everything or to go to a training session in order to gain experience and
improve your situation. And your father will be able to truthfully say
that you are working on complexities and are improving.

Reluctance, to tell
the truth, can speak of a strong dependence on someone else’s opinion. Try to
analyze, why you want to hide the truth and start working on it. If you are
really afraid about people’s opinion about yourself, think: is it worth it? After
all, because of disapproval of society, you can ruin your dreams. Work on
yourself if you feel that you are strongly dependent on someone else’s opinion.

Stop dreaming

It is human behavior,
we are dissatisfied with our personal life, work, financial situation, etc., and
we dream how we could change everything,
but we do nothing to fulfill it. If you think you need to change something in your life then pay
attention, don’t postpone it to future for better timing.