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Lester B. PearsonHe  was born on April 23rd, 1897, in Ontario and died on December 27, 1972, in Ottawa.By:Zak AhmedCHC2D103,Ms.GandhiJanuary 11,2018Who Is Pearson?Pearson was a  Prime Minister in Canada  and that changed Canada instantly. He was a Canadian man who did many things to make Canada a better place. He was a Canadian scholar, a soldier in WW1, Prime Minister of Canada and a diplomat. He had won the Nobel Peace Prize. His actions towards Canadian history impacted many people in Canada.Who did Lester B. Pearson benefit in Canadian history?  Pearson was a very inspiring person to most Canadians because he had created many programs that led Canada being a better Country. He was a peacekeeper which made Canada look good as a Country. With the programs like universal healthcare, many Canadians would have struggles paying to get good healthcare from hospitals. What did Lester B Pearson do in his career?  Pearson joined the fight in WW1 as he volunteered to  He had fought until the end of the first world war and then was sent back to Canada after getting ran over by a bus in London.  He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for solving the Suez Crisis between the Egyptian government threatens Britain and France to start a war. Pearson was known as a peacekeeper.Why was Lester B. Pearson awarded the Nobel Peace Prize and what did he do to earn it?Lester B. Pearson was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for solving the Suez crisis in 1956 and received the prize on 1957. In 1956, the new Egyptian government took control over the Suez Canal, threatening Britain and France and almost starting a major war. His intention  was to create a United Nations Emergency Force (UNEF) and take  all the  weapons and start building peace among this crisis . Pearson’s peacekeeping actions led him to win the Nobel Peace Prize in 1957. After receiving the Nobel Peace Prize, Pearson was still not Prime Minister but had impacted Canadians to be more friendly and many people recognized Canada as a kind and lovely country to live in. This is why Canadians see Lester B. Pearson as a hero.What did Pearson do when he was prime minister?  Pearson was the Prime Minister of Canada from 1963 to 1968.While he was Prime Minister, he brought up many programs in Canada that were very beneficial. Many of them were universal health care, student loans, adding bilingualism, the Canada Pension Plan, and our country’s flag. With his capable ability, he made Canada a better place. Unfortunately, Pearson did not have a lot of votes in the Canadian House of Commons but still involved many programs into Canada’s economy. Pearson also started a Royal Commissions to include the status of women. This Commission helped change many roles of women that had not been touched or cared about at all. After Pearson, French was made an official language.The Canadian Flag That Lester B. Pearson Changed  The Red Ensign was Canada’s flag before 1967. This flag made many people in Canada who were the French feel disrespected. The new Canadian flag has a strong maple leaf that is new as the flag shows all of Canada’s multicultural society. Pearson spent a lot of time trying to help French-English tensions in Canada. Later then he changed the Canadian flag.Pearson’s Nickname  Lester B. Pearson’s nickname, Mike, goes back to when he had met an officer of the Royal Flying Corps and said  “Lester that’s not very belligerent name for a man who wants to be a fighter pilot”, the officer said. “We’ll call you Mike”. The name Mike stayed with Pearson after that. Thirty-six days after receiving the Nobel Peace Prize Pearson was elected leader of the Liberal Party. He was elected Prime Minister in 1963.Pearson’s Childhood  Lester B. Pearson was a professor in a history course at the University Of Toronto and was both a good student and athlete. He was very good at history and sociology. He joined the Oxford hockey team, and was noted as the “Athlete of the Year”.In Conclusion  Even though many don’t think Pearson was the greatest Prime Minister, Pearson was a very influential person in Canadian history. He had a huge impact on the way that Canadians live their lives today through the various programs the government set up. If it wasn’t for him coming up with good healthcare, Canadians would not feel as secure. Canadians today have a high quality of life that is much appreciated from Canadians. Furthermore, Pearson was significant because he gave Canadians a personality that was very warming. He made us peacekeepers, people-lovers, strong citizens and polite human beings.