Legalizing Gay marriages Essay

There exists a great variance in the societal attitudes towards homosexuality. This is attributable to the different cultures and different historical periods as is the case in attitudes toward sexual desires, activity ad relationships in general. Different cultures have different values regarding appropriate and inappropriate sexuality. Just like heterosexual behavior, different prescriptions and proscriptions are given to people with regard to gender, age, social status and/or class.

The gay rights movement has gained momentum the questions still remains; whether they should be granted equal rights as their heterosexual counterparts or not? This is not just a mere academic question, but an issue of the rights of the citizens of the nation. It is a question Of the constitutionalism Of the constitution. Body In the international community, there are gay and lesbian law reform efforts which support the ability to marry without elevating marriage above other family norms. O relationship and families, there is a call for access to family as matter of equality.

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For instance, doing justice to the changing realities of family life entails recognizing and granting equal rights to non-marital relationships (Polikoff, 2008). Non-marital relationships and households should be incorporated into the family laws. Focusing on obtaining what heterosexuals have for same sex marriages risks leaving behind other households, families and relationships of homosexuals. Arguments for gays having equal rights The first argument for same sex marriage rights is the social factor.

Including same sex couples in the institution of marriage smoothen the apparent rough edges of same sex relationships. It promotes the stability and the welfare of the both individual participants and the community at large (Gill, 2012). The ability to marry Legalizing Gay marriages3 The individual of one’s choice is a right of equal citizenship, whether or not particular couples choose to avail themselves of it. The inclusion of same sex couples promotes neutrality. For instance, it promotes impartiality towards all ouples who otherwise meet given requirements.

This is because it potentially includes all committed couples in an institution important to full citizenship (Gill, 2012). Arguments against gay marriages having equal rights. Legalizing same sex marriages will forever alter the meaning of marriage and family for everyone. The traditional view of marriage is that; it brings a man and woman together in a permanent relationship to the exclusion of all other parties.