Just smell of apple cinnamon slowly sifts

 Just what makes a place so special to someone?
Are they the unusual things that it contains? Are they the sweet memories that
every single part of it holds? Or is it the adorable people that you shared this
place with?  Well, in my case, my
enchanting room is this remarkable, outstanding, and unique place. My room is a place of peace, separate from hustle and
bustle. Indeed, my room is full of quiet. It is a special place for me in which
I can always escape the vicious, bitter, and brutal outside world in order to
concentrate on other critical and vital things in my life.

 Whenever I slightly twist my cool to touch
brass circular door knob that is adjoined to my delicately wood stained door
which has some minor scratches at the bottom from my little endearing dog slightly
scraping it with her sharp pointed claws, I open a passage to a completely
different atmosphere. A completely different world of mine. This extraordinary
world provides a sense of comfort and stability. It’s my fortress against haste
and hurry, school and teachers, as well as the assignments and projects that
haunt my sleep. When walking into my room, I will quickly notice the tingly
feeling of the full plush camel colored carpet caressing my naked feet as if I
were at the wondrous beach standing on the shoreline allowing the cool relaxing
waves to filter through my toes. The smell of apple cinnamon slowly sifts through
my nose from my luxurious votive candle which is located on a round glass table
behind my wooden door. Besides that, one of first things that always stands out
after walking into my room, are the several pictures of happy times gone but
not forgotten. Numerous Polaroids of various parties, football matches, lovely
dances, and exciting competitions, along with warm family photos are all neatly
arranged as a collage and enclosed in an enormous wooden oak frame sitting in
my room with memories that we have made throughout the years. When I look at my
pictures they make me feel like an estranged citizen revisiting their hometown
and reminiscing about all of the wonderful times.

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 As I enter into my room, I am greeted by my
two messy maple bookshelves to the right of me. Both of them full of odds and
ends which outnumber the books themselves. My favorite thing about my bedroom
is the decoration. I have many paintings delineating bright glimmering stars
and the vast mysterious space covering the walls in my room. In addition to
lots of golden trophies and bright round medals which I have proudly won. Decoration
in my room help to make me happy when I am in an irritable mood and help tie
the room together. To the left of the door is a comfortable soft dark chair, of
which is of no particular use other than hanging half-used clothes on it. In
addition to a massive vanity mirror that engulfs the northern wall in my room
providing a truthful but not always pleasant appearance, there is a rectangular
window overlooking our grassy viridescent backyard garden and swimming pool
which makes it a pleasant view for such a cozy room. I would leave the windows
wide open, and I would quickly fall asleep to the waves crashing on the sandy
beach. I could hear the magical birds chirping outside my window along with the
rustling of the wind.

 My room is the only place where I can
concentrate and think about what I want to do with my life, the kind of future
I want to achieve. I get the chance to relax and clear my mind. It is a place where
I can write down my feelings and open my mind to new ideas. Indeed, it is a
place of refuge isolated from the countless troubles of the day. My room is a
real blessing to me, and I really appreciate having it.