Jonathan Steinbeck Paper Essay

In this quote, the author who quoted someone else is accusing Steinbeck of being unpatriotic. “-who threatened the national interest through the socialist themes of his novels,” shows how the person that said that is trying to make it seem like John Steinbeck is brainwashing his readers to lose the patriotism and coincide with socialist beliefs through his books. The person who said this seems like they are so patriotic that they don’t want other people questioning the capitalism of the U. S. The person that said this right away is saying that socialism is bad and capitalism is good.

Therefore, this errors has a very negative opinion of Steinbeck. 3. In this quote, the author was saying that Steinbeck used the parable (meaning a simple story used to teach a moral or spiritual lesson) as a meditation (meaning his opinions) on the American dream of success. Basically, this author said that in Steinbeck book The Pearl, he used a short story that taught a spiritual lesson to interpret his own meaning of the American dream. 4. The Coot Suit Riots of 1942 and 1943 of Los Angels were protests put together by Mexican Americans for equal treatment.

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During this time Mexican Americans were underpaid and treated badly by Anglo Americans. They had to drink out of different fountains, go to separate parks and restaurants and more. The Mexican Americans were fed up so they organized protests to get their voice heard. These protests started of peaceful but no one cared or listened to them so they had to do something to get their attention. These protests involved car flipping, fires, and more. These are called the Coot Suit Riots because at that time the Mexican Americans had adapted a style called “Upchucks. They wore a suit that included high-wasted pants that were papered at the bottom. 5. The form of writing that is primarily used in the article About the pearl is informative writing.