Irish Home Rule Question Essay

The Irish Home Rule Question At the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century the grea test question stressed among British and Irish politics was the issue of Irish home rule. Ho me rule is the principle or practice of selfgovernment in the internal affairs of a dependent c ountry or other political unit. Self government for Ireland was the goal of the Irish Nationalists from 1870 to 1920.

The Irish demanded that the governance of Ireland be returned from W estminster toa domestic parliament in Ireland since it had its own parliament up to 1 800 whe n the Act of Union nded Irish representation at the parliament sitting at College Green in Dubli The idea of Home Rule dates from 1870 but it should be viewed as part of a 10 nger tradition that tried revising the Anglolrish relationship by constitutional meth ods.

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The first attempt to repeal the Act of Union was made by Daniel O’Connell in the 1 840′ s. This first attempt was a failure and Irish politics in the midnineteenth century were do minated by members of parliament acting as Irish representatives of the Liberal and Tory parties. In 1870, Isaac Butt, a barrister and former Tory member of parliament, founded the Iri h Home Government Association.

This movement combined a powerful cross section of landowners, tenant rights activists, and supporters and sympathisers of the failed Fenian u prising of 1867 to create a third way in Irish politics.