Informal reflection Essay

Chose to focus the majority of my revision on my zine instead of the rationale paper. saw that there was no point in changing my rationale as it already explained most of the choices I made when I designed my zine. So instead of rewriting the original zine rationale, I just corrected the grammar and punctuation errors. On the other hand, I realized that my zine could be greatly enhanced with bigger pages. As mentioned in my zine rationale, discussed about incorporating colors, more text and improving the quality of the text.

Taking into account these two suggestive improvements, I had to re- llustrate everything that was on my original zine to new and bigger zine pages. I had to redraw everything onto a bigger sheet of paper, because was not able to figure out a method to enlarge the illustrations and text of my original zine to fit it onto a bigger sheet. Also drawing and writing everything over again allowed me to correct the dullness and faded appearance Of the text. The drawing and writing process was extremely long (especially with more space), and felt like I was designing another zine.

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Though it was tedious work, the zine came out looking exactly like the original, which was he challenge. During the process of recreating my zine, I did not exclude anything that was on the original zine. kept every detail the same because I felt like they were all good, and the feedback I received for my original zine did not mention anything in regards to omitting any detail. One thing that I did differently was that ordered my zine chronologically from technologies near the future to technologies in the distant future.

For example, unlike my original zine, the new zine first discuss about future androids because the technology is closer to being established or implemented compared to time raveling which is introduced last as that kind of technology will not be possible anytime soon. I just thought that it would give my zine a better fill with some order rather than disorder, even though I did not clearly state my intentions of ordering it this way in the zine.

Besides scaling up the size of my zine for the purposes aforementioned, it allowed me to add additional details. These details included both text and illustrations. With more space, I was able to add illustrations that were relevant to the topic as well as text to give the reader a better understanding. Ultimately, creating the new zine allowed me o add color to my drawings. By doing so, was able to fulfill one of the main suggestive improvements as mentioned in the feedback to my original zine.

I did not color in every illustration because I did not have access to artistic coloring tools (l only had color pencils). Even so, too much coloring can sometimes make the illustrations look not so appealing. Now, my zine is even more eye-catching and engaging than before with color. Overall, am satisfied with the amount of effort have given into revising both my zine and rationale. Though tiresome, found it to be an enjoyable task.