In such as cyber-attacks. Cybercrimes are done

        In today’s society technology is
advancing at a fast rate where almost everyone is able to connect with others
from across the globe in just a click of a button. Most important, documents
are now stored on your personal computer or portal hard drive in a “cloud”
where you are able to access it easily on any device instead of the old fashion
piece of paper. But, most people fail to realize how unsecure their personal
information is, the more advanced technology is becoming the more unsecure your
personal information. Now, there are multiple people who can have illegal
access to see your personal information and it’s happening every second.
Technology has become a necessity to our daily lives making everything easier
and faster to connect with others but there are a lot of dangers that come with
it such as cyber-attacks.

        Cybercrimes are done by individuals who
are called “hackers”. Hackers are individuals who seek and exploit weakness in
a computer system known as cyber-attacks. They are able to see and control
everything that’s inside of any form of IT devices such as computers, phones,
tablets and many other things as well. (Definition of Hacker) Hackers have
multiple techniques and devices  that are
used to access and control your data files like vulnerability scanners,
password cracking, brute force, keystroke logging, etc.. Most hackers do most
of their work from the comfort of their home behind a computer screen at any time
they please. (Wikipedia)

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     Cyber-attacks can happen when you least
expect it, cyber-attacks are malicious acts usually originating from anonymous
sources that either steal, alter or destroy a specific data file in the
computer system. (Definition of Cyber-attack)Everyone is effected by
cyber-attacks all over the world because technology is advancing quickly in
today’s society, a necessity that we depend on for our everyday needs.