In modeling plays an important role and

the framework of BPM, business process modeling plays an important role and is
considered as the mechanism for describing current and future state of a business
process in an organization (Creately 2014b). Business process modeling is accountable
to produce a graphical representation of events, actions, decisions, flow
control, and links in the sequence that supports the administration of
organizational processes and their change decision (Creately 2014b). The change could be intense or
indirect, but business process models are capable to address it in terms of compliance,
efficiency and financial issues (Creately 2014b). In business or IT area, it
considered as a tool for process documentation, process automation, simplification
of various stakeholders interdependencies and to end for process execution (Creately 2014b).

business process modeling considered as an important element in process
management that helpful for any organization to remain efficient and
competitive in this changing market (Snabe 2012; Smith, Fingar
2007). Nevertheless,
process modeling requires a considerable asset in terms of suitable
methodology, supported intuitive tool and lastly recommended guideline
principle to model any business processes. The well-experienced practitioner is
capable to deliver any process model successfully (Jannaber et al. 2017;
Smartsheet NA), however, to get
full benefits of process modeling the participant should handle process
modeling appropriately (Smartsheet NA; Creately 2014b). There are many modeling
techniques available in the market, and selection is not easy as the company
needs to understand which technique is suitable for the business condition and
most importantly it can be easily understood by any participants (Smartsheet NA; Creately 2014b). To get overcome the above
problem, comparative analysis of most used modeling techniques is required. For
SAP PLM or any other management application, depending upon modeling
objectives, different process perspectives are considered to select best suitable
modeling methodology and a tool that can fulfill current and future business requirements.

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