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 In the following pages, I am going to write about feminism, psychoanalysis and Queer Studies in the Norwegian Tv series “Skam”, a story about a group of female friends who grew up together in a beautiful way and developed a strong friendship based on respect, loyalty and support. Season two of the Tv series focuses on the life of beautiful Noora Amelie Saetre,a powerful character , who managed to take care of herself from an early age and who stands up against any kind of injustice. Furthermore, the feminist theory is present in season two and its concepts can be seen through the main character, Noora. She is kind and caring and capable of doing anything in order to protect her friends. Being a convinced feminist , she rebels against conventions and defends her ideas and principles. Noora wants equality and freedom, especially “freedom from gender-based discrimination “(Handout 4).When her friend, Vilde, was used by a boy just for sex and then humiliated in front of her friends and colleagues by being called worthless , Noora defends her by saying to him “…start behaving like a human. Stop walking around like a cliché.”(Skam, Tv series, season 2,Noora to William)Noora is a character who fights fearlessly for her beliefs and for equality and respect between man and women.( A Feminist Nerd, web)  Toril Moi said “What we need today more than ever is a feminism committed to seeking justice and equality for women, in the most ordinary sense of the word.” and I think that Noora is the character who portrays the best model for a feminist because even though she is a pretty face ,she has strong values and principles. Noora wants to make her voice heard because society needs ,in her opinion, “a change of perspective”. (Toril Moi, “What is a Women?”, 9, web) (Skam, Tv Series, season 2) (Pinterest,web,Noora) Another character in the Tv series which  fights for equality is Sana, the main character of season 4, a muslim girl, who had to endure prejudices just because she is different and has another religion. She finds herself  into a conflict between her Muslim identity and Norwegian identity, struggling to find her place into the world.(TV Tropes, web)Sana becomes cold-hearted because of the way in which people treated her and she seeks “freedom from discrimination” .(Handout 4) For example, there was a scene in which some high-school girls were talking about Sana, about her way of  living (she does not drink alcohol and she does not party like other girls), about her hijab and how she does not fit into their “ordinary” world.  Sana heard all of their talk and she was so furious and hurt at the same time ,but she could not do anything about it. Instead, she decided to help other people not feel the same thing as she did. At some point she says that “Because hate doesn’t come from religion, but from fear.”(TV series, Skam, season 4,Sana to Isak) And I think that she is referring to that fear, of the unknown, the fear of other people accepting the fact that not everyone is the same and being different can be a good thing, not a reason of prejudice and discrimination.Like Noora, Sana is a strong and independent soul, but at some point she faces another type of discrimination : “gender-based discrimination” (Handout 4). She falls in love with a non-muslim boy, Yousef, a  kind and beautiful person, who makes Sana feel good and special, but she cannot be with him because religion does not allow her to have a relationship with a non-muslim boy. She confrunts her mother, being so furious because it is not fair for a muslim man to be able to marry a non-muslim girl, having the right to fall in love with who they want and please and women not having the right to choose. It was not easy for the the main character of season 4 to overcome the prejudices and misunderstandings of her colleagues and parents ,but at the end she chooses to remain ” kind, caring and reasonable”. (Fandom, powered by Wikia, Skamwiki, web) (Skam, Tv series, season 4 ) (Dazed, web)(Skam English, web, Sana)”Skam” is a Tv series who had a huge impact on the people who watched it because it is not just an ordinary story about a group of friends, but a story about discrimination , prejudices and hate for the diverse. It changed the way of thinking of a lot of people, including mine and it made people deal with life in a new and more optimistic way. (Fader, web)In terms of queer theory, “Skam” also offers  the problem of  homosexuality, the inability of people to accept the sexual orientation of others. Isak, the main character of season 3, deals with this conflict, between who he really is and who society demands him to be. “Heteronormativity is the ideology according to which everyone should aspire toward the picture-perfect traditional family” (Handout 4). But Isak and Even break the patterns and they accept their sexuality against the prejudices of the world. They had to endure hate and fights because they choose to accept their true nature. For example, Isak and Even were at some point bullied and called “fags” because they were kissing on the street. Their friends accepted them and supported their relationship,but other high school kids made them feel unwanted. (Interview, web) (Skam, Tv series, season 3 ) (Wikipedia, web)(Pinterest,web,Isak) In terms of psychoanalysis, there are some characters who are “split between reason and feeling”(Handout 3) .Freud introduces some big concepts as “the unconscious”, “defense mechanisms”(Handout 3). Noora is the character who is trying so hard to resist to William’s charms, a bad boy, who does not really appreciate and respect girls , but who falls in love with Noora because of her unique way of being. She uses “defense mechanisms” like “repression: pushing things down into subconscious” (Handout 3) in order to reject William and she is trying to keep her mind clear, but her id “the primitive and instinctual part of the mind” (SimplyPsychology, web) takes over and makes her admit that she has feelings for him and they engage into a relationship. At least, they end up being happy together. (Verywell, web)(Twitter,web,Noora and William)In conclusion, the Tv series “Skam” incorporates a multitude of ideas and concepts and it is an intriguing and intense story about religion, depression, discrimination , pain. Through characters we can see the struggle of trying to be accepted into a society that requires some rules and the fights that they had to take in order to be happy.(NewYork Times,web)  Works Cited 4:Text AnalysisHandout 3:Text Analysis series Skam,seasons 2,3,4