I us as her listeners an interactive

have been curious about who will be talking, advising and inspiring us on
Wednesday morning. Class was in session and glad that our Mr. Martin delighted
to announce the speaker. Ms Irene Eng has spoken to us. She is an energetic,
thoughtful and entertaining financial presenter who leaves all of us
enlightened. She brings us as her listeners an interactive understanding that evidently
open our mind about finance. She considered not only what will we hear, but
what we would see in her thoughts. This session was jam-packed with all-related-finance

            Soon she arrived with a beaming
smile, we break the ice with a simple question “what is the latest price of Brent
crude oil?” Significantly for me, knowledge which I do not possess.  I talked to myself then “OK, this is a real-world
finance thing dude!” I was in awe how she provided us with insight into a
career in corporate finance.

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were exposed to the actual life stories of a Financial advisor. Take finance
subject not for the sake of “good grades” but for the sake of “learn and apply
needs.”  In virtue of that, Ms Irene strongly
advised us to meet potential employers and qualities recruiters that each firm
seek in an individual. Having such financial management skills can make a huge
contribution in our firm. Finance professionals essentially prove everything
from razor-sharp investigative ability and skills to a sharp empathetic fundamental

Irene answered some student’s questions and resolve their concerns. For
instance, we come into sharing opinions where Bitcoin, a genius digital cash
problem thinkable leads to mass joblessness, company might be downsizing their
“lifeblood”. She warned that threat of unemployment future might coming.  She also stated that Finance is a broader
scope includes changing in currency rates. Like US Dollar and Malaysian

            For the next 40 minutes, she asked
us on how to make sense of any problem-solving solution in the Teck Leong
Coffee Sdn. Bhd. financial statements. We walked through the different figures
of the income statement and balance sheet. She digs deeper and devoted us a
lesson where it is crucial to be able tackle intricate firm problems as they ascend.
Similarly, in Teck Leong Coffee, they need solutions to maximize their profits.
 She taught us to have a critical
understanding in the business sectors whether a business is performing or not.

approach aids us to interact with the guest speakers who offer her unique standpoints
on what the world of business is like, what her profession paths look like, and
to offer some words of guidance along the lines of “this is what I wish I knew
when I was a freshman.” Such an eye-opening on how beneficial fundamental
finance really can be. Thank you for the amazing an hour session!