I In the Army, I gained responsibility

I will be the
next international business Indiana Jones of cocoa nibs. I will be the guy
bushwhacking the encroaching foliage to meet a farmer in order to source, negotiate,
and secure the contract for cocoa for the needs of my employer. I will do this at
a price that both is fair to the farmer and makes the company a generous
profit. If not cocoa, then coffee, or porcelain pottery, or any number of
specialty goods desired by an employer to sell to a consumer. All jokes aside,
my career goal to be the subject matter expert in supply chain and operations by
sourcing and negotiating product for a company in an international capacity.

My desire and
strengths lie in the international community and started with a love of travel.
When I was young, I constantly travelled and moved with my family throughout
Europe and Asia. I developed a taste for the histories, heritages, languages,
and cultures of the places I lived and visited. Change became second nature to
me and I wanted to be the guy that traveled and found wonderful products. I
didn’t know how to go about gaining the knowledge, so I joined the Army.

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In the Army, I
gained responsibility and learned leadership. I was personally tasked with
oversight of millions of dollars’ worth of equipment and required to maintain
detailed records. I led a team of some of the finest people I know to
accomplish the mission while learning how to bring together motivated, Type-A
personalities from various backgrounds. The Army prepared me for the real
world, however, I felt I did not have the required skill sets to be the subject
matter expert I wanted to be. Following my passions, I finished my time in the
Army and obtained my Bachelor of Arts in International Studies from The Ohio
State University.

My degree in
International Studies opened the door to global insight and I was able to expand
on my love of cultures and histories by minoring in Russian. Through my course
of study, I learned how the world operated and how globalization has
permanently changed the way nations and companies conduct business. I found
that whether sourcing iron from Sweden or spices from India, the global market
is more varied and intricate than I had previously known. A piece is still
missing from my goal and that is the foundational knowledge and unique skillsets
that an MBA program provides. I want to earn an MBA from the Carlson School of
Management to build upon my foundations of leadership and teamwork and to learn
valuable skills in negotiating and sourcing products in the international world.

The Full-Time MBA
program at Carlson will help me achieve my ultimate goal by enabling me to talk
the talk and walk the walk of the business world with an education from a
prestigious institution. Carlson offers one of the best opportunities for
immediate exposure to the global economy with their required International Experience,
allowing me to embark early on in my chosen career path. In addition, Carlson provides
me the ability to further pursue international business with their adaptive specialization
of coursework. Carlson also has a focused emphasis on solving real world
problems through their Enterprise Programs. This dedication by Carlson in
preparing individuals with hands on engagement will enable me to learn from
business professionals as soon as possible. The ability to learn firsthand in an
adaptive environment that nurtures growth is crucial and critical for my
professional development. In my course of study at Carlson, I know I’ll be
learning and applying skills and making connections towards my career. I will further
seek out opportunities to contribute my time, effort, and abilities for the
benefit of the school and my colleagues. My experiences gained from the Army in
leadership and teamwork will be a strength and source of support for myself and
my fellow peers at Carlson. Furthermore, the MBA program has the benefit of accessibility
to Carlson’s alumni network and I want to benefit from that collective guidance
and mentorship. The Full-Time MBA program at the Carlson School of Management will
provide me the foundation and acumen in an ever changing environment in my
quest to become the next international business Indiana Jones.