How Does John Steinbeck Present the Character of Crooks Essay

John Steinbeck tries to make the novel realistic by showing how black people were treated and isolated in 1 sass America. Crooks may not be the main character in the novel, he is important because he fitted in the society at the time Of the novel in 1 sass America. Steinbeck uses Crooks to show how life was for black people in 1 sass America. The Character is firstly introduced when candy was showing George and Leonie around and when he was talking about how angry the boss was when George ND Leonie were late to work.

Candy tells them that the boss takes his anger on crooks,” Hay see the stable bucks a Niger, “the boss gives him hell when he is mad”. White People in 1 adds America had no discomfort in using derogatory language, this was normal for people it was the local language in sass. Candy says “nice fell too” and “he reads a lot” Proving he is intelligent and nice guy. People show hatred towards him because of the color of his skin. He and many clouded people were separated from the whites in 1 930, cause of the Jim Crow laws.

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George asks Candy “what kind of man is the boss” he quickly brings up that the boss had brought whisky for them at Christmas, he also explains what happened when they let crooks in, Crooks got into a fight one Christmas with a white man. Steinbeck presents the character of Crooks in a detailed description; John Steinbeck tells us that Crooks’ room is in the harness where all the horses sleep, this shows that he is segregated from all the other men on the ranch.